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If you have a Nokia Lumia Phone with a Pureview camera, download the Nokia Refocus app. You can shoot now and focus later.

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Mak tries his hand at the Krrish 3 game on his phone, check out his review. Krrish 3 is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone for download.

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This is brilliant. If you have a rooted device. 

So, I have the permissions in the twitter Dev page set up as instructed, but I can't see replies and DMs. Tried clearing data and logging in again, same issue. Any advice? 

So, plume has had the show replies option for a long time now, but is there any chance that you guys will add a full conversation view? 

On the new beta, with swipe between tabs enabled, tapping on the tab name doesn't scroll to the top. 

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Another Cloudy Mumbai Morning 

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Flooded ish roads. #gif 
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We just started the My Portable World Google+ page.

New contest up on people! Visit to find out more!

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