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Hey guys, I have recently put on some LED bars on my printer and am currently running them off a separate power source but was curious if I could run them off of the LED port on the main board. Anyone have any success with something like this?
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Hey guys, I am having trouble getting my machine to pump out consistent pieces. One day it will print something beautiful, the next not so much. Occasionally I think it is the designs I am downloading off of Thingiverse that perhaps don't work so well with my machine, but is there anyone out there that has a step by step way to calibrate the machine to have it work the best way possible. I have ungraded to an e3d6 and that has made a huge improvement. I am using abs juice and that seems to help (sometimes). Any other tips/tricks that can make this my machine preform a little better?

I appreciate the support

Hey guys, I have been having real trouble finding a good mount for my new all metal hot end.  I want to use the original 40mm fan (I live in Cape Town and finding components here is a nightmare and shipping isn't really an option). Can anyone please suggest a solid mount using the 40mm fan, a lot of the ones out there use a 30mm and I don't have means to find one.  Thanks a lot for the help.

Hey guys, I have had my printer for about a year now, and have pumped out a lot of great prints, recently I melted my PEEK insulation block with no real adjustments made.  I ordered a new one and paid way too much to get it delivered to my house in Cape Town, South Africa.  As soon as I hooked it back up the new one started to melt.  Can anyone please explain why this is happening? I do not really want to pay $4 for a new one, and then 50 dollars shipping again...
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