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IT Consulting, IT Staffing, Integrations, Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV, AX, CRM / VPC Hosting, GOIS Pro, MetaCaseDesk
IT Consulting, IT Staffing, Integrations, Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV, AX, CRM / VPC Hosting, GOIS Pro, MetaCaseDesk


Office 365 Applications: Office 365 isn’t just hosted email exchange

Office 365 has now acquired topmost position as cloud based business application among enterprises. #Office365 is believed to be a hosted email exchange. Contrary to this belief, its applications offer a wealth of added functionality and benefits. It has much more to offer you so that you can get most of your investment.
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How to find the best Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant for your Business?

Getting the right #CRM consultant always comes with a great strategic advantage for today’s business organizations, especially for those have to deal with countless customer queries on daily basis. Setting up an automated system like #Dynamics CRM, which is designed to save numerous human efforts and time, is a smart business decision. But, at the same time, getting this system well in tune with the business requirements of your organization is an uphill task, and which can be done only by an experience CRM solution provider.

Here comes the thesis of our discussion- how to find the best consultant for your business?

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10 reasons to migrate CRM Data to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Choosing a cloud based #CRM solution for your CRM business functions has its inherent advantages of capitalizing the advanced researches in cloud computing technologies, such as- reducing hardware needs, dedicated IT resource to maintain it, mobility, scalability, and many more. This is particularly required when a company matures and grows in size. This leads to surface a number of issues and problems.

Let’s look into the major reasons with a little more details:

1. Mobility:

#Dynamics CRM online can be accessed through web browser or mobile app. This way, it keeps the pace with the user mobility. As today’s organizations are predominantly consisting the mobile workers, supporting this enables the organizations facilitate flexible work culture.

2. Global accessibility:

Yes! You can access you Dynamics CRM account from any part of the globe through web browser and Mobile app. This makes your ability to be present all across the globe. Being available for customers at such a wide geographical regions, you can do your business to the way you want.

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Inventory Management System | Goods Order Inventory System (GOIS Pro)

Goods Order Inventory System (GOIS Pro) is a highly sophisticated Web & Mobile application designed specifically to address the inventory management needs of SME moving up on the growth curve.

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It is available as web and mobile app to help business owners in automating their inventory workflow.

GOIS Pro is a SAAS based system that maintains all the business data over central cloud server to be accessible globally at any time with online mode of working. Online mode offers real-time data syncing. Moreover if you don't have internet connectivity in some remote location, a user can continue their business activities by switching to offline mode.

GOIS Pro do offer multiple organizations, multiple business units, multiple locations as warehouses, multiple web and mobile users, multiple products & categories, currencies & time zones, customers & vendors, purchase & sales orders, inventory tracking, stock transfer & import, stock adjustments, intelligent business reporting, advanced filters and searching capability, barcode scanning from mobile camera and external barcode scanner, interactive dashboard and many more to make your business process easier and effective.

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Get your sensitive business data protected using Data Loss Prevention (DLP) with SharePoint 2016

#SharePoint is one of the popular collaborative software environments provided by Microsoft to the enterprises. It helps them in creating, storing and collaborating the business documents for an organization. These documents often contain sensitive business critical information, such as financial data or personally identifiable information (PII) such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, or national ID numbers. In order to comply with business standards and industry regulations, the enterprises must have to protect these from any accidental or deliberate disclosure to someone outside the organization.

This is one of the key business requirements of the enterprises running SharePoint. To make the user experience better, SharePoint sever 2016 provides for implementing the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policy. With DLP, the user can identify, monitor, and protect the sensitive information available across the site collections automatically and effortlessly.

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Now is the time for you to move your ERP to Cloud

Does it bother you when most of the business leaders complain about their on-premises #ERP system that it isn’t meeting their needs but still aren’t upgrading it? If you ask them regarding this then most likely you’ll always stumble upon same answer that however upgrades they have done the result remain same.

The On-premise ERP solutions being used by companies are already an old story. These systems sure can be upgraded to imitate modern capabilities. But these upgrades can cost a lot in all, time, money and efforts. Then too the system only meets requirements identified when the project was initiated, that doesn’t make a notable difference as with all the time taken the upgraded system is already out-of-date.

So, if you are among these business leaders, but have bigger plans for your business then you should transition from on-premises ERP system to modern, always up-to-date cloud-based solution

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Manage private Sales documents using OneDrive for Business with Microsoft Dynamics #CRM

#OneDrive for Business is online storage intended for business purposes, and if you are using Office 365, you will get 1 TB cloud storage for OneDrive for Business. This is available with SharePoint Online as well as SharePoint On-premises with SharePoint 2016.

By default, all the files that you store in OneDrive for Business are private. These documents are automatically synced to your desktop and mobile devices. You can also open various office documents stored privately in OneDrive for Business directly from within the CRM mobile apps (using smartphones and tablets). This is how, it helps in promoting mobility of your users, and eliminate the rigidity of working from a fixed physical work location.

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Welcome to New Year…New Customer…New Challenges…New Trends… And so…New CRM with Microsoft Dynamics

Acquiring a new customer, and winning the existing customer loyalty by way of meeting the customer satisfaction is the only way-out to outshine in the industry. For that matter, understanding their behavior is an essential exercise. #CRM solutions helps you here. So, it’s important to choose the best CRM software, which could predict the customer behavior appropriately.

Considering the importance of changing customer behavior in the New Year, CRM software solutions are likely to modify their capabilities accordingly, and turning themselves in a new CRM. The marketing professionals in most of the business organizations must keep themselves abreast of the upcoming challenges coming in the form of upcoming trends.

Here, we will discuss in a little details about the key trends and challenges before the CRM software in this year 2017.

1. Smarter customers– Customer Intelligence–

Well informed customers find advertisements disturbing, often block messages. Challenge is to gain their trust and attention while communicating the message. And, this requires you to have nearly perfect customer insight. New CRM must provide the real time analytics to understand your customers. It must be able to communicate the right customer the right message at the right time. Further, every individual customer wants personal attention, so personalize messaging should be an essential component of a CRM solution. This calls for a contextual CRM.

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