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John Clayton
Husband, Father, Chef, Coder, Geek, Writer
Husband, Father, Chef, Coder, Geek, Writer


Okay these are, basically, cluttering my shelves. Make me an offer. Buyer pays actual postage, I'm in Lincolnshire, UK.

All books in near-mint to mint condition

Mongoose Traveller 2e Core
Mongoose Traveller 2e Vehicles
Mongoose Traveller 2e High Guard
Mongoose Traveller 2e Central Supply Catalogue
Genesys Core
Quantum Black core
Timewatch Core
Timewatch GM's screen
Hollow Earth Expedition GM's screen and booklet
Hollow Earth Expedition - Perils of the Surface World (softback)
Regime Diabolique core (Ubiquity)
Regime Diabolique - Paris Gothique
Fate dice - about a dozen sets of 4, don't know which ones!
Tales from the Loop core (slight dent to spine)
Tales from the Loop adventures - Our Friends the Machines

Dr Who RPG:
David Tennant edition box set (complete, but a touch battered)
Aliens and Creatures box set (again, complete but a tad foxed)
GM's screen (near-perfect)
Matt Smith edition box set (not entirely perfect but not far from)
Peter Capaldi edition hardback
All the Strange, Strange Creatures volume 1
Time Traveller's Companion
GM's companion
Defending the Earth
The Black Archive
Silurian Age
All 11 of the Doctor sourcebooks

Good morning, fine people. I see from Asmodee's new releases list that Castle Falkenstein is hitting the shelves again! How fantastic is this?

Is this a direct reprint of the original, with the split between colour and plain pages, is it a better quality book, details are somewhat thin...

Does this also mean that the Fat Goblin Games products are going on general distribution?

Old Doctor Who for New! Old Doctor Who for New!

So. I've got the following (in the UK):
* Doctor Who FASA core books (no box, brown cover, no embossing)
* The Master
* The Cybermen
* The Daleks
* Countdown
* Iytean Menace
* Lords of Destiny
* Legions of Death
* Warrior's Code

It's all in decent condition, there's some extra maps, character sheets, photocopies of assorted bits and bobs. And It's all taking up shelf space and is unlikely to be used any time soon.

I'm looking for the following in exchange:
* Doctor Sourcebooks - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th
* Paternoster Investigations
* 10th Doctor box set
* 11th Doctor box set
* Cubicle 7 GM's screen
* Cash. Obviously. Make me an offer.

Have at it, folks, before I pack it all off to The Shop on the Borderlands.

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Excellent. That's going in the "12 Games of Christmas" folder alongside The Black Hack and Cogs, Cakes and Swordsticks.
Time Rats, in COLOR!
Time Rats, in COLOR!
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In the UK, shipping in time for Christmas...

Star Wars: Edge of Empire Core Book & Dice (2 sets) £30
Dresden Files - Your World, Our Story, Paranet Papers £20 each, £50 the lot
Coriolis Icon Bundle + The Dying Ship £75 the lot

£5 shipping for any item/bundle.

Ubuntu updated to 17.10 on my works machine. Enjoying some of the UI changes so far. Nice job.
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John Clayton commented on a post on Blogger.
Just what I was looking for. Bit of printing, bit of book-binding, no waiting for the new inserts to arrive in the UK, and much less cost. I raise my hat to you!
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In the UK, looking to trade:
* The Strange, 1st printing, core book
* Encyclopaedia of Impossible Things
* Bestiary
* Worlds Numberless and Strange
* Strange Revelations
* In Translation (I think... shelf isn't in front of me!)


* Cypher System Corebook
* Expanded Worlds

So. New motherboard. New screen. Now ordered new inverter and monitor cables. All because someone doesn't like windows 10 and would rather keep their old XP laptop alive.
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Little bit of a signal boost for a friend of mine...

C'mon, we can't let the heroes have all the fun.
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