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Nitty Gritty Science has a new location...
Thanks for all your support - I hope you will join me at my new website where you will find all the same great science resources you've come to love from Nitty Gritty Science and MORE!!

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Using Word Walls in Science
Making Vocab Connections Word walls used to be a term heard only in elementary
schools.  Nowadays it is more common that teachers of all grade levels are finding them effective and
worthwhile for their students to develop and reinforce content area vocabula...

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Taking Nitty Gritty Science to Nashville!
When you think of Nashville, you probably picture country music, honky tonks teachers! Wait, what??  Well that's exactly what you found this past weekend during the 2016 NSTA National Conference in Nashville, TN. I set out with the crazy idea ...

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Making Editable Notes Work for You and Your Students
Taking notes in science class is essential for students to get the needed information of the topic being studied.  However, how students take their notes is key in how they retain and recall the information when they need it. Many teachers are using Science...

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Science Sub Plans
Like most teachers, you
will find that a substitute teacher is needed every now and then. Sometimes the
absence is planned and sometimes it is not. Substitute teachers have a very
difficult job. Not only are they expected to cover a classroom full of often

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TpT Sellers are GIVING BACK
2015 brought a lot of changes for my family and one of them was moving back to the northern East coast, which also meant moving back to cold and snow...brrrrrr.   I could not imagine heading outdoors this time of year without my scarf, mittens, hats and a w...

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5 Days of Holiday CHEER!
I got a sneek peek, and guess what?  You're on the NICE LIST...well, of course you are, you're a Science teacher!  Well, then you deserve something extra special, like the 5 Days of Holiday Cheer coming to your inbox December 7 - 11 !   Wait, you haven't si...

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Keys to a Successful Science Interactive Notebook
Science Interactive Notebooks are the cornerstone of my science curriculum and continue to be because of these Keys to a Successful Science Interactive Notebook that I keep in mind when designing new material for you. 1. Introduce topics by asking a guiding...

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Plate Tectonics and Sea Floor Spreading for Science Interactive Notebooks
Teaching the concept of sea-floor spreading can be easily modeled using my simple, yet powerful interactive resource for science interactive notebooks. Click image to view product Using the given template click image to view product and a sheet of colored p...

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It's EARTH SCIENCE WEEK!  Doesn't that make you just want to sing!?!? This year the American Geosciences Institute will be organizing Earth Science Week which runs October 11-17 and celebrating the theme "Visualizing Earth Systems". Everyone can participate...
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