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Kirsten Mortensen on the Best #Novel She Has Written So Far @KirstenWriter #AmWriting #Suspense
Under Their Skin. When Characters Become Real By Kirsten Mortensen I became a novelist so, so slowly! It’s
not that I didn’t want to devote myself to fiction. I did. I’ve wanted
to spin stories for peoples’ enjoyment ever since I was about five years
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THE GIRL WHO CAME BACK TO LIFE by Craig Staufenberg @YouMakeArtDumb #Excerpt #MGLit
woke at the table the next day before the sun rose and let habit and
obligation drag her from her seat and pull her to the bakery. Setting
her body in front of the floured marble table and searching her chest,
she found a hole where her heart use...
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10 Things You Need to Know About James Rada, Jr. @JimRada #CivilWar #HistFic #AmReading
10 Things You Didn’t Know About James Rada, Jr. I
was asked to give you a little insight on me by telling you 10 things
that you might not realize about me from author biographies that you see
in the back of my books. My first short stories were publishe...
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Mike Hartner on Being Social and Not Spamming #SocialMedia @MHartnerAuthor #PubTip #AmWriting
How To Network Online to Sell Your Book First,
I must print this disclaimer. I’m not a marketing individual. And I,
James, the second book of The Eternity Series which will be released in
September 2014, is only the second book that I’ve tried to mark...
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Discovery in Big Sur from THE REALITY MASTER by @PMPillon #AmReading #Excerpt #YA
was unable to discern why he felt apprehension about traveling to Big
Sur, which previously had induced nothing but pure joy for him. Frank
stayed overnight at Joey’s to make sure they got an early start  Saturday  morning
for ...
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Avoiding the Rejection Blues with Sue Parritt #SannahAndThePilgrim #SelfPub #AmWriting #Fantasy
How to avoid the rejection blues You
open the white envelope (or email) with a mixture of hope and
trepidation, skim through the obligatory ‘thank you for sending…etc.’
and focus on the vital sentence. ‘However’ and ‘But’ alert you to yet
another reject...
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#Exerpt from UNFINISHED BUSINESS by Ted Tayler @Ted_Tayler #Bookclub #Thriller #GoodReads
a brisk ten minute walk Colin was stood on the pavement opposite the
Aberdeen Music Hall, the venue for the first gig on Maiden’s Hair’s mini
tour of the United Kingdom. He gazed at the magnificent pillared façade
of the former Assembly Rooms and ...
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WHERE HAVE I BEEN ALL MY LIFE? by Cheryl Rice @RiceonLife #AmReading #Memoir #Women
How could I not have noticed just how adorable he was? I must have
been so focused on getting Alan to see my point during our couples’
counseling sessions that I’d hardly had time to glance at the referee.
But those sessions had ended. And now here I was...
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@MargaretWestlie on Retirement, Writing and People Who Have Helped Her #AmWriting #Historical
Is your family supportive? Do your friends support you? Now
they do.  I get more encouragement from others outside the family than I
do from family members.  That’s what the family I belong to is like.  I
think it’s partly because they don’t really under...
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@KentBurden Dishes on Writing Ideas & How He Decides What to Write #NonFiction #Health #Wellness
often get the question “how do you decide what you’re going to write
about?” it’s a pretty valid question, unlike someone who writes fiction I
don’t have to come up with a story or a plot I just have to come up
with a subject, but what subject? As a h...
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