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Always ready for a challenge
Always ready for a challenge

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Dr. Thomas Holmes, "the father of American embalming," was personally asked by Mary Todd Lincoln to preserve the President's body for the burial trip from Washington, DC to Springfield, Illinois.

#breakingbad is on right now!


Steve: Hey Mike, what flavor of kid are you having?
Me: Bacon?
Steve: no stupid; boy or girl...
Me: Boy
Steve: Thanks that's it....wait did you say Bacon?
Me: Well either that or chicken...I haven't had coffee yet to be honest.

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Amazon user orders a flat-panel TV from a third-party vendor. Gets a Sig Sauer 716 assault rifle instead.

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CONAN highlight: Will Ferrell Is Upset About +Twilight's Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson. 

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I wish the Olympics were PPV so the money could fund our Olympic teams. #nbcfail

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I gotta try this when my son is older!
Brilliant.  Brilliant!

Please let me remember this when my kids are old enough to use the internet.

And please don't let this post give +Mark Giddens any funny ideas.
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