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10. Harry The Hipster-Hater, Who Really, Really Hates Hipsters. "This is all hipster music. I guess it's okay for hipsters, but I'm not enough of a hipster to like hipster picks like this. Too bad I'm not hipster enough. Maybe I'd like it better if I were more of a hipster." [His username: "notahipstersorry."]
Now is the time when critics make their year-end lists. Unfortunately, you cannot please everyone, and if enough people read your list, you will eventually run into these 20 unhappy people.
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she's pretty.
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We're heeeeere!! Give us your feedback and we'll give you the best videos of the web!
dailymotion originally shared:
So, we'd love to know. How do you want Dailymotion to use our new Google+ page? Do you want to see certain types of videos? More behind of scene photos from the office? Updates on Dailymotion products & tools? You tell us. We're listening.
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the end of the world is here.
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so adorable.
Child Of Gay Couple Writes A Letter To General Mills: Kris loves Kix, but is troubled that it is "kid tested, mother approved" since he has two dads instead of a mom...
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Precocious yes, but we have to examine this very letter here very carefully. Lets start with the kid's age....maybe 5 or 6, definitely not more than 7 (becoz of the hand writing plus the use of the crayon vs pen or pencil)
1. a kid that would be precocious with this sort of topic just cant be writing with a crayon....parent dictated...therefore fake
2. mistakes look too forced...fake
3. whats that snake thing all about anyways???? a kid that writes like that can draw a proper snake.....fake plus
4. this is nothing but a parent pushing an agenda but using a kid to do it....
5. use of too many colors, to draw our attention to the fact that it was written by a kid.... very lame attempt...therefore fake

If I worked at GM, I definitely would have given the letter some attention, only if it was written by a parent. I hate it when parents use kids to push their own agenda, whatever that agenda may be. Hate it, hate it, hate it.
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just an FYI to those who are wary of the whole privacy thing on here:

Disabling Reshares on Posts

When you post in the stream, the option for others to reshare your post is automatically enabled. If you want to prevent this from happening, you can disable reshares as follows:

Post something in the stream.
Click the arrow at the top of your post.
Click Disable reshares.
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what I was rocking out to yesterday - and may just put in my queue again today.
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I love this album.
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Do you have the chops to work with us? +Dailymotion has an opening for a new rock star intern in December. Find out more info here:
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Art Russ originally shared:
NVIDIA and Android Police are giving away three Motorola Photon 4Gs for doing almost nothing!
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Holy smokes, we're hiring at Dailymotion! Come play :)
The latest music videos, short movies, tv shows, funny and extreme videos. Upload, share, and embed your videos. Watch premium and official videos free online. Discover our featured content.
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Google+ is the new social networking kid on the block, and one of the main reasons so many people are interested in the service over Facebook is Google+'s proclaimed focus on protecting users' privacy...
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over 10 million profiles on here, and it's not even public! WTG, GOOG!
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DJing in the Dailymotion USA room. Come ROCK OUT. Now playing Bananarama: Cruel Summer ♫♪ #turntablefm
How to get in: If you have a facebook friend already on turntable, you're in! Just sign in below Login with Facebook Can't get in? You can add your e-mail to the invite list here and we someti...
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bonafide dinner hipster looking for the best place to eat.
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