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Open source digital audio workstation for Windows, Linux and Mac.
Open source digital audio workstation for Windows, Linux and Mac.

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Hey all,

I (+Red Ambassador / +Alex Hogen) just went through all the "likely spam" stuff here. Removed a bunch of promos and obvious spam. Left the posts with legitimate links to SoundCloud or Youtube with LMMS music. Hopefully things are a little cleaner now.

Insights show there are only 3 "active" users here though (folks who +1, comment, or share posts). Maybe with less spam, we'll have more active members?

I don't know about the other mods, but there's been a lot of other things going on in life so I've neglected to drop in and check on things here.

Wishing you all the best. :)

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Get your hands at the album while it's smoking hot :)
LMMS Artists
LMMS Artists

Finally we present the winners of the Best of LMMS competition v2. Congratulations, and thank you all who participated! The album will be released on the same bandcamp account as last year with the price "name your price". First we will need to gather all sound files :)

The winners arranged by points

Time - Red Ambassador
REKT - Avelocity
Ever there - Kalabasa
This is it - Abludo
New Beginning - Locomatt
Neverland (Original Mix) - Simone Iervasi
Grand Morning Sunrise - Eino1953
Cold sunrise - Penguinum-tea
Reborn - Whispir & Cubiicle
We Are (Radio Edit) - Forward Notion
Starpower - hai
Surface [Remastered] - Squatro
Hello World - Second Flight
Sans II - Stakeout Punch
Sawtooth Love - unfa
LuminithiumGems - Cubiicle
Chasing Shadows - Umcaruje
Velocity - Histakes
Serenity (Remastered) - Cubician
The Other Castle - combustible lemonade
Death Of Galaxies (Remastered) - KaplooeyRaRa
Restoration - Arsanthania
H&HD's - We Weren't Programmed to Love - Robert A. Zimmer
Collision, In Outer Space - Gronium Argor
Mr. Spy Guy - Wildfire XIII

Link to playlist for listening

The new list for BoL v2 will arrive sometime this week. Due to popular demand we are introducing a rule that says an artist can only win with one song. This way more of you are going to be on the album! Hope this is ok for everyone :)

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Back in the day, although our software was called 'Linux MultiMedia Studio', we noticed the vast majority of our users were on Windows, and the forum stats indicate that most posts are made from Windows XP. Thus we renamed it to just LMMS.
However, we were not happy with it as it didn't stand for anything anymore. We worked hard to rebuild our image, and today we are proud to present the results of our work. Ladies and gentlemen: from this day on the DAW we all know and love will be known as:
Windows® Multi Media Studio xP
The 'xP' stands for 'ExPeRiEnCe', and the friendly face of the old logo returns in a cameo appearance. All in all this brings our brand closer to the community. We hope you enjoy Windows® Multi Media Studio xP!
(Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft® Corporation.)

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And here's the album art! Remember to submit before first of April.

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Great news everyone! The LMMS team is giving away a T-shirt for the winner of this year's LMMS competition, size medium, free of charge. So be sure to submit your songs and this T-shirt might land in your mailbox :-D
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LMMS TIP: From LMMS 1.1.0 you don’t even have to release the left mouse button to resize notes you create, do it fast by hitting Shift while you are creating the note.

If you have made amazing songs with LMMS we have a contest for you! The LMMS top songs contest is back! The compilation aims to inspire new users and everyone to create music. The compilation will be uploaded to Bandcamp and all profit will be donated for the further development of LMMS. Submit your song before midnight on March 31st (UTC time), and find details about this contest on the Soundcloud site.
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