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Cloth Diapers for your Little Rock Star
Cloth Diapers for your Little Rock Star

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Loved hearing your baby must haves!

Now, if you could have anything you WANT for your baby (other than cloth diapers, of course) what would it be?

What's your ONE must have baby item (other than cloth diapers of course)?

Mom Question:
How long was your labor?

Dad Question:
How long did it feel like? lol

What foods did you crave when you were pregnant? For me, it's ALWAYS Mexican food.... ~Ruby

Do you have your own vegetable garden? Thinking ahead to planting one next year!

Anyone sunning their diapers today?

Have you ever had two in diapers? What about 3? Share your secrets!!

How did you announce your pregnancy to your friends and family?

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Love this quote! So easy to get tangled up in it as parents! We must keep this perspective!

What's your favorite print?! Share a picture of your babe in it in the comments!
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