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Henneke Duistermaat
Irreverent copywriter and marketer on a mission to stamp out gobbledygook and to make boring companies charming.
Irreverent copywriter and marketer on a mission to stamp out gobbledygook and to make boring companies charming.

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Why Your Business Doesn't Need a Tagline

Unhappy with your tagline?

You're not alone. My boring tagline has been nagging at me for four years; and taglines are probably the hottest debated piece of content in most marketing departments.

Click below for a tagline tutorial:
- Understand why most tagline advice doesn't apply to you
- Discover whether you need a tagline
- Get a quick formula to write a tagline in 30 minutes or less

PS This article also explains what I'm planning to do with my tagline this Summer ...

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How to Put Your Thoughts Into Words
3 Proven Writing Strategies

Has it happened to you, too?

In your mind, you've composed your next article. Perhaps while walking your dog or on your commute.

You feel excited, because you know exactly what you want to write, and you think your readers will love it. Yay!

Brimming with enthusiasm, you arrive home. But it's your turn to cook, and when, after dinner, you finally sit down to write …

You can’t put your thoughts into words anymore. Where have the words gone?

You had such a bright idea, but now, you feel lost and stuck.

How did that happen?

Writing is a fickle process; and getting our thoughts down on paper can be surprisingly hard. Want to learn how to put fleeting ideas into solid writing?

Click below and learn three proven writing strategies. 

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How to Captivate Business Readers With Personal Stories (Even If You're Shy)

Sometimes, as a small biz owner, you may feel you have no chance in a wildly competitive world.

How can you stand out?

How can you captivate your readers and build a bigger audience so your business can grow?

When I started blogging, a friend told me my posts were too boring.

My tips were practical, but I was hiding myself. She wanted to read more about me.

I struggled with this idea. I felt too shy. I don't like talking about myself.

But when I picked up the courage to share a personal story in a post, it's like I finally arrived as a blogger. I had grown up.

Click the link below and learn how to share personal stories in business content - even if you're shy or feel intensely private.

See you there? 

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21 Writing Fears, and How I Learned to Dance With My Doubts

Have you ever felt a knot of fear in your stomach?

It happened to me last Friday.

I had returned from a brief trip to Spain. I was exhausted, and was out of my rhythm. I was behind schedule. I wanted to give up. Yes, I didn't think I could write a post for today.

You may think experienced writers don't feel fearful anymore.

But, in my experience, the difference between beginning and regular writers is not the lack of fear, but the ability to dance with fears.

Click the link below to find out how I learned to dance with my fears, so I could write and publish every week. With less stress.

Crazy enough, despite my bumpy start, it feels like this is one of my better posts.

What do you think? 

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How to Write Heroic Bullet Points That Sell
3 Steps to Turn Wimpy Lists into Powerful Bullets

Do you write high-converting bullet points that sell?

Or could your lists be a tad wimpy?

Too often bullet points are messy and fail to persuade.

Click the article below and learn the art of writing bullet points that sell:
* Turn wimpy lists into heroic bullet points (in 3 easy steps)
* Format your bulleted lists to declutter and grab attention
* Use multiple lists to boost persuasiveness on long sales pages

Many people get bullet points wrong, but once you know this 3-step formula, writing compelling lists becomes a breeze. 

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Big, Hairy Writing Goals? Here's How to Write More and Fret Less

Do you wonder why you can't just get on and write more?

I've been there, too.

Learning to write has been one of the most frustrating experiences I've been through. I've procrastinated. I've wasted time. I've felt guilty about messing around.

But through my struggles, I've learned a surprising lesson about big, hairy writing goals and how to write more.

Want to write more, too?

Check out today's blog post below, stop torturing your mind, and fall in love with writing.

See you there? 

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How Word Choice Shapes Your Voice
Learn how to play with words to captivate your audience

How do your words express your personality?

In the article below, you'll find:

* two contrasting examples of voice, so you can see exactly how word choice influences voice
* 4 questions to help you choose the right words to fine-tune your voice and engage your audience
* A fun exercise to get out of a writing funk, and add sparkle to your words

As one reader commented:

"That’s the clearest idea of 'voice' I’ve ever had. Your wonderful examples of contrasting voices makes that squishy concept so concrete."


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How to Write Seductive Sales Emails
A 5-Step Method to Write Any Sales Email Super-Fast

What if you could write sales emails without feeling pushy?

And what if those emails were so seductive that people actually love receiving and reading them?

Sound good?

Click below and learn a simple 5-step method for writing seductive emails, so you can sell more. This method makes writing any sales email a cinch.

As always, this article includes many examples, so it's easy to implement the advice.

See you there?

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99 Strong Verbs to Make Your Content Pop, Fizz and Sparkle

Do you ever read text and wonder ...

Why does this writing feel strong and energetic? Why is it fast-paced? Why do the words jump off the page?

And do you wonder why your draft text seems a tad limp in comparison?

It happens to all of us.

First drafts often require an injection of power and pizzazz. First drafts are full of weak verbs, and weak verbs make your writing limp, flabby, and listless.

In contrast, strong verbs add action, vitality, color, and zest.
In today's post, you learn:
* The difference between weak and strong verbs (hint: it's not about grammar)
* The two-step process for turning limp writing into powerful content
* 99 examples of strong words to make your business content pop, fizz, and sparkle

Sound good?

Click below and learn how to choose strong verbs and make your content dazzle and dance, jig and jive, swing and swirl. :-)

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An Open Letter to Anyone Who Thinks Their Writing Isn't Good Enough
How to Become a Writing Pragmatist

When you read content from your favorite writers, what do you think?

Do you want to write like them?

Do you despair at the gap between how you write and how you would like to write?

Most of us are unhappy with our writing. We fret. We despair. And we procrastinate.

Want to become a more confident writer? Click the link below and learn how to become a writing pragmatist ...

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