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Hemanth Savarala (Tobi)
Being alone is more painful than getting hurt
Being alone is more painful than getting hurt


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Retro music player

Retro music title is showing at top?: Please clear app cache and data

If App crashing: Sorry settings has changed internally. Please uninstall and install again

Artist images are not loading: service has limited number of request to download data(means downloading artist images), if that request exceeds limit it will not download for sometime.

Text is not visible: Change theme (Black or Dark) and change back

for more faq's

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We have active on discord who are interested can join

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Do you have mobile with notch
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Guys don't update until this version comes R - 1.6.122

Sorry 🙏 to announce this, because of recent changes app become unstable so we're rolling back to most recent stable update. Its hitting performance also. We'll come up with solution soon

Update rolled
*you need to clear data and cache to use this version(if crashes any where in app)
*fix suggestions hiding under tabs
*fixed folder crashing when keep pressing back
*fix play button color not changing
*easy draggable in playing now
*fix default image tinting

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*fixed card theme crash
*album and artist grid style switching moved main screen options, check in beta release
*you need to clear data and cache to use this version(because of above option)

I'll try to do this if every one agrees. if i have songs that have same unwanted text to remove in multiple song. for example "ABC" text repeated in multiple songs need to remove.

Guys i was thinking to change style or Album and Artist pages details. Im thinking more like Spotify little make over any suggestions(designs) welcome.
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