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Accelerate beyond with Supermicro's optimised low latency architecture.

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"With up to ten nodes in a single 7U box, it packs two more nodes than the other major blade vendors fit in the same space."

ServerWatch review the Supermicro SBI-7128-C6N and 10-slot Chassis.

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With an improved thermal architecture that utilises power efficient components, offset processor that help eliminate CPU preheating and highest-efficiency power supplies to allow higher operating temperatures, the new DCO Supermicro SuperServer systems deliver the best performance-per-watt with optimised TCO for the modern energy efficient data centers.

Available now at TMC Technology:

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The new generation GPU optimised SuperServer SYS-4028GR-TR2 and SYS-4028GR-TRT2 provide highest levels of parallel performance for machine learning/deep learning workloads with 10 GPUs support in a single 4U chassis.

Compared to a symmetric Dual Processor design, the new systems deliver 21% higher throughput and 60% lower latency through Supermicro’s innovative single root complex architecture design.

Both new systems are also thermally optimised for either active or passively cooled GPUs without preheating, and are equipped with redundant 2000W Titanium Level (96%+ efficiency) digital power supplies for better reliability and lower TCO.

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Open-E's DSS V6 will become end of life on 30th September 2015. TMC Technology are offering our customers a special discount of 25% off upgrades from DSS V6 to DSS V7.  In addition to this, if your Open-E support has run out then you can receive a further 50% off reinstating your support package.

Why Upgrade?

DSS V7 is full of new features, as well as all the main features from DSS V6, DSS V7 has:

Active-passive Failover for NFS / iSCSI clusters (no extra costs)
Active-active Failover for NFS / iSCSI clusters (Feature Packs)
Local backup tool for incremental backups 
Advanced cluster management for NFS
Improved hardware support and kernel
Learn more about DSS V7:
REMEMBER, this special offer is only valid until 30 September, 2015 - so be quick!

For more info, contact our sales team: 01438 842300 /

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