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What the hell is #Pinterest and how can it help writers? I'm glad you asked! New on the #amwriting blog.
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Hi +Janet Boyer . I read your blog with interest. I have a Pinterest invite but haven't begun there. I have a question though. Some of the images.. many of them.. that have inspired my scifi/fantasy writing or focused a plot point , were not my photos. Isn't that a problem? I can't post someone else's photo can I?
Yes, you can absolutely pin other people's photos, +HollyC Barbo, as I mentioned in my post! :o) Hi +Lisa Allen! I'm not seeing your comment yet; did you just make it?
Well, shoot! It's still not showing up. You may have to make it again. :o(
OK I will do it again (Wondering WTF happened....)....
OK, seems there is an error in reading the Captcha code - I know I typed it right both times - so I will post here:
I want to thank you for your post since I didn't think Pinterest was a big deal until I figured it out! A friend of mine who jumped Facebook many months ago wanted me there and told me how completely awesome it was, but I am thinking, do I need even more to do? After Facebook screwed with me (my story in full on my blog if anyone cares), I got a Pinterest page looking for other ways to network with my friends - I really LIKE it!! The cool guys hang out at Google+ but the cool CHICKS hang out on Pinterest! And, it seems guys are starting to follow the girls (a rather natural development if you ask me!)
LOL! Hey, that's a great point, Lisa! I'm getting rather sick of Facebook myself. :oP Please share the link to the blog post about your FB experience! You are most welcome; glad you liked it! (Sorry you had trouble with the WP log-in. My personal blog is at TypePad, so I don't usually have to deal with Captcha codes, thankfully!)
Funny enough, I heard Zuckerberg himself even had trouble with his own policies - really? Then, likely due to his request, you cannot search this because (with a phone call?) this info is scrubbed. Is he changing anything yet, now that it personally (OMG) affected HIM???? I am finding more and more stories of "Facebook sucks, I deleted my profile" so maybe it is OK they deleted mine ;-)
+Janet Boyer I think my misunderstanding related to the vocabulary. Pinning vs posting. I guess what you are telling me it is the same thing.
Indeed Holly - but rather than in a linear timeline format, it is arranged by interest groups - so when you choose someone's interest (called a board) to look at, the things on that board all pertain to that interest - hopefully an interest you have. It is possible to follow JUST a board, and not a person if they only like some of the things you like - pretty cool!
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