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Xandi C (Lattes and Little Ones)
A busy mum of three including twins
A busy mum of three including twins

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Week 14/52
A weekly portrait of my children D, 6 years: latest addition to his 'stuffy' collection courtesy of Granny and Granddad. S, 4 years: settling in to holiday mode with no problem. M, 4 years: bouncing and 'flying', can't beat it.

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Busy Home, Quiet Blog
I have been rather neglectful of this blog lately not to mention social media.  I can just about manage a photo every now and then and the blog seems to be a stream of weekly portraits - to be honest I'm surprised I've kept up with those! This Mummy stuff i...

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Week 13/52
A weekly portrait of my children S, 4 years: When did this little girl get so big?! M, 4 years: Balloons, always a winner with this little guy. D, 6 years: Loving this gappy tooth smile

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Week 12/52
A weekly portrait of my children S, 4 years: Own mind, own way, own style.  D, 6 years: Always ready to laugh - the same laugh and cheeky grin he had as a baby. M, 4 years: Not happy with my response to his request for more sweets!

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Week 11/52
A weekly portrait of my children D, 6 years: Every so often this bundle of energy enjoys some quiet time M, 4 years: Mini engineer at work S, 4 years: What is it with kids and sitting on counter tops?!

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Playground Politics
I know, I know, this is nothing new.  We are all aware (or will find out soon enough) of the 'joys' of playground politics. I really have enough to think about with three sets of homework, which sports kit is needed on which day, and whether we remembered t...

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Chocolate Chip Cookies with the Kids
As parents we need those fail-safe, go-to activities that we can pull out of our magicians hat on rainy days before the "I'm bored!" rears it's ugly head. Baking. A win/win activity that the kids can get involved with and you can all enjoy the results after...

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Week 10/52
A weekly portrait of my children M, 4 years: Spring is making an appearance and no one is happier than this little guy. S, 4 years: World Book Day costume, my little butterfly. D, 6 years: That smile is hiding two missing teeth in one week!

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Is It School Holidays Yet?
For some reason we have all been a little tired recently.  Days are busy, sleep is not as frequent or as sound as we'd like, creating the perfect environment for lots of emotions to surface. All three kids love school and have bags of energy, but they are t...

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Week 9/52
A weekly portrait of my children M, 4 years: The Gruffalo is a favourite in our house. M would rather dress up as the cunning Mouse. D, 6 years: lots of juggling practice going on this week. S, 4 years: a sudden obsession with Hamma beads has taken over.
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