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Barry Arthur
You teach some; you learn some.
You teach some; you learn some.

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The Magic of Travel
I travelled up north, inside china, last week… I went by D train which
is their second-best in class (the G trains are best). I wished there
was a G train available but sadly, D’s were all we could get. It was a three hour journey, each way. On the way up, ...

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Oral English classes in Chinese Universities
This post is my response to a question from Linked-In: Many of my colleagues entertain students by showing movies, telling
jokes, having fun role-plays, playing games etc. In these activities,
should we merely be encouraging students to speak more using a v...

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Effective Teaching
In The
First Days of School — Implementation Guide , Dr Wong posits that
three characteristics make for an effective teacher: Positive Expectations Classroom Management Lesson Mastery Ineffective Teachers Discussion question #5, Chapter 2, page 8 asks: Why ...

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The Meaning of Life
How would you explain to a six-year old the Meaning of Life ? Holiday Plans I currently teach freshmen oral English at a university in China. That’s what
it says on my contract, but I aim a little higher in my actual classes. In the
last week of classes thi...

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The Vincible Vimmer
I lately saw an abomination Of hammered keys and fumbled mouse And angrily I cried "Perdition! Have you not an ounce of nous?!" Precision is my vade mecum And careless edits I abhor. Expand upon your set of motions And grope the rodent nevermore. Inspiratio...

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Learning the Tool of Vim
Barry Arthur, 2014-08-14 Learning to use a tool requires:
Understanding — What is it?
Why do I need it?
How does it fit in with the rest of my world?;
Cognition — discovering how it works and remembering so;

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Tag Like a Boss
tagging the way god intended This short article aims to get you working with Vim tags quickly and
effectively, using its built-in support. Your heavy plugins can wait
outside. Before we can jump in and learn the cool commands and power moves,
we have to tak...

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For Argument Sake
The buffer list is dead! Long live the buffer list! The Buffer List I have long been a fan of :ls and the accompanying :b partial match on buffer name. That basic functionality is rock solid. I still
recommend it to newcomers to our beloved editor. We’ve bu...
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