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Andreas Athanasoulias
Information Security Consultant
Information Security Consultant

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Ελλάδα, η χώρα που κανένας δεν δίνει δεκάρα για την ποιότητα.
Επαρκέστατη η πρόβλεψη του ΣΠΑΥ ! Καλωσήρθατε στην Ελλάδα, την χώρα όπου κανένας δεν δίνει δεκάρα για την ποιότητα. Εντυπωσιακή είναι η πολιτική δήλωση του πολιτικού Β. Βαλασόπουλου μετά το ολοκαύτωμα του Υμηττού . Ο πολιτικός Β. Βαλασόπουλος εκφράζει τα θε...

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Infocom Security Conference 2015
Excited to present Uni Systems at Infocom conference 2015. On the following links you can find my presentation and interview: Presentation: Interview:

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Partner Spotlight of Uni Systems S.A. at Hexis EMEA Exchange 2015
Here you can find my interview to Ms Katherine Russ-Hotfelter, Hexis Cyber Solutions Director of Channel Marketing which is published on this link : By Katherine Russ-Hotfelter, Hexis Cyber Solutions Director of Channel Marketing Cybersecurity threats are a...

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Surrendering our privacy to mobility
Last week of September 2014 I was honored to be invited by ISACA to present in EuroCACS in Barcelona a hot topic regarding privacy and mobility. You can find my presentation on this link .

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NGINX Reverse Proxy with ModSecurity protection
I would like to welcome you to my new project: building a reverse proxy powered by Nginx software, with a ModSecurity web application firewall enabled module. There are many articles on how to do this configuration on the Internet, but I couldn't find any w...

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Application Security Report
I am very proud to annouce the publication of SYNTAX Application Security Report (ASR)!   The Application Security Report is an annual SYNTAX publication summarizing the vulnerabilities discovered on application security engagements and provides an insight ...

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Fine-tunning Spamassassin and Citadel
This is actually a follow-up article of the previous publication: RPi Home Mail Server Project . Unfortunately there are not enough articles regarding the configuration needed in order to integrate the open source spam filter Spamassassin and Citadel mail s...
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