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Elizabeth Kerl
I accept but do not willingly bow down to my Google overlords.
I accept but do not willingly bow down to my Google overlords.

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If you or someone you love has been touched by domestic violence, there is a way to be part of the solution.  Consider donating the gift of freedom to a person or family in need.  Just $10 is a meal on the road or $100 can fund an entire trip.

Also if you live in the Dallas area, have free time, and like to travel, consider becoming a driver!  Visit

Hello Googleverse.       I need GMail help!

Is it possible and how would one get GMail to automatically flag or star or otherwise indicate an email from a specific address or group of addresses? 

I am now working with an organization and would like messages from the group to look different in some way.

Thank you!

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I'm shocked to see this being promoted so openly, but I applaud the paper for not suppressing it either. It's easy to think that some things are of the past (as I have). But knowing these groups still think a "cross-lighting" is a good way to spend an evening of "white unity" helps the rest of us stay grounded. I hope this makes a whole lot of people reach out to those of other colors and origins to stand against such archaic thinking.

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This is what our schools need more of.

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A beautiful night for baseball.... Let it rain.

One more scapegoat in the fight against obesity. Even homemade baked goods are put on the block above families and personal responsibilty. But I agree that vending machines shouldnt be there regardless of any "healthy" options they contain.

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Works for square screens but leaves my widescreen at home with a white swath through the middle. :( More centering please!
Poll: Do you like the New Google+?

Over the past hours since the launch of the new Google+ design, there has been some controversy. Some people love it, others hate it, and some people simply use it.

What about you? This is your chance to make a statement with your vote.

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