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Scarlet Jory
Honor is the Law, Love is the Bond.
Honor is the Law, Love is the Bond.

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Summer Schedule 2017
We are coming into summer. Are you ready? It is important to have
your child evaluated early so you know what to work on before their last
report cards. It is important to know their strengths and what they are
struggling with or what they need to improv...

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Methods of Scrying
is a form of Divination, gazing into something to see beyond... to see
the mysteries... to see the answers. It is a way of connecting with the
gods and spirits, or even our higher selves. On this day, there will be hourly presentations and discus...

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Beltain Fair Weekend!
Beltain Spring Fair: The Ephemeral Market of Maplestone Academy This year, the Ephemeral Market will open to the public (the muggle/mundane world AND the witch/wizard/magical world). DATE: Saturday & Sunday April 29/30, 2017 SATURDAY CMS-Passages, 6575 Some...

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April 1st - April Fools Day
The History Channel has a great little bit of information about April Fools Day which seems to start as early as the 1500's but was more official in England in 1700 when court fools played pranks on each other on this day and made it an annual event. http:/...

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Merry Ostara & End of March Activities
Many blessings this Ostara. Paint eggs, eat eggs, look of the meaning of the rabbit. We are at the Spring Equinox as last and can see the light finally having a significant presence in our day. If you have not signed up for our newsletter, please do so as t...

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St-Patrick's Weekend
Happy St-Patrick's Day this Friday March 17th. This weekend is all about money, prosperity and preparing for spring. Time to start Spring Cleaning as the Spring Equinox approaches. What will you plant this Spring? We are planting the seeds for community dev...

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Tea & Talk Witches Style!
Welcome to the first Witchy Tea Party. .. This will occur on the second Sunday of every month ...   This is a Tea and Talk in the afternoon. Come for tea and gather to talk on various community subjects within Paganism, Wicca, witchcraft, etc. This used to ...

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Saturday, March 11th, 1-6pm   Come out and support others in our community! Au Chat Noir is liquidating all her shop's beautiful Pagan items so that
she can easily leave Montreal for new role in academic studies.   Samedi, le 11 mars, 13h00-18h00   LIQUIDA...

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Oldest Love Letter in History
The oldest official love letter was written about 1568 by a pregnant wife of a man who died. It was buried with him and looks like this: Fore information about this Love Letter:
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