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Betty & The Lake
I felt a
little sorry for Betty and I could relate to her ordeal somewhat. I knew what
it felt like to be misunderstood, to be judged too quickly. She had a history
she could not share with me but it was what was inside that counted and I knew
from the mome...

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Eschatology of mine.
I remember those Late February days.  It was always bone cold.  God help me if the grey of everything didn’t just drown the world and suffocate us all in the process. This was London in late winter. I remember so many times, I had looked into the sky for a ...

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Everything I need to tell you
It was
somewhere between sleep and my dreams. 
That place where profound thoughts and the things that rest on the ocean
floor of your mind come to the surface for that brief moment of time.  Perhaps 11pm maybe later.  The ocean
is a deep black like crude oi...

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Happy Valentine's Day 2014

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'Starting a Chevy' has
You may be aware by now that 'Starting a Chevy' has moved and is now located at: As current subscribers, you will be added to the new subscription list.  Please be aware that you will received an email from & The...

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Be A Fat Walrus And Start the Year off Right.
PLEASE NOTE: we are moving - if you are still viewing this blog, please go the new site at and subscribe! Searching for walruses – view of Beaumaris Beach from the Lfie Saving Club I was panting like a dog in a hot car. My hea...

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Towards the Year of the Extraordinary
(Please note this is the last post at this address - we're moving to please go there, click subscribe and click yes on the confirmation email to be kept posted through 2014 :) ) A few weeks ago over coffee, a friend was telling me...

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Put Back the Broccoli & Walk Away
I have a real problem with ‘Supermarkets’...I
went into one yesterday just to buy my favourite bread (Taylors) and gave in
and decided to purchase some other essentials - some broccoli, salad, ham...and
the whole time I felt like I was walking around inside...

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