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Mike Potratz
Husband, father and grandfather. Retired Air Force member (1974 - 1994). Avid sci-fi follower since discovering Asimov's 'I, Robot' almost 50 years ago.
Husband, father and grandfather. Retired Air Force member (1974 - 1994). Avid sci-fi follower since discovering Asimov's 'I, Robot' almost 50 years ago.

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"We failed them."?????

Just who is this "we"? I didn't do shit. My friends didn't do shit. Why is this "we are at fault" for what those punks did? Why isn't it their fault? Why isn't it their parents fault?

I'm tired of liberals putting crap like this on "we". It's called personal responsibility, something liberals have an adversion to. 

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Stupid crap on our nation colleges. The guy who hit 11 people with his car and then went after them with a knife is the victim.. How stupid are liberals where they can put that out there. 

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Educators talked in quavering voices about the horrors of the impending Trump administration. One school administrator lamented to the PBS NewsHour: “We won’t be able to teach math if they feel scared and if they feel like they are at risk.”

Really? Are liberals such big woossies that won't be able to do their job? Grow up.

Schools And Colleges Are Making Students Even More Terrified Of Trump:

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Here's a fucking douche bag that can't go away fast enough. Why isn't he upset with the idiots out rioting and destroying property? Must be nice to be able to go out and do shit like that when you don't have to go to work the next day.

Me. I gotta work my ass of to support their sorry ass lifestyles.

Harry Reid: Trump Must Rescind Steve Bannon’s Appointment:

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And now he's the worst person around. 
"No one can question the integrity and competence of James Comey"
- Harry Reid in July 6 2016

WAIT... NOW Harry says:

"Your actions in recent months have demonstrated a disturbing double standard for the treatment of sensitive information, with what appears to be a clear intent to aid one political party over another,” Reid wrote. “I am writing to inform you that my office has determined that these actions may violate the Hatch Act, which bars FBI officials from using their official authority to influence an election. Through your partisan actions, you may have broken the law.”


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Hillary lies, sells political access, puts national security at risk, put 20% of US uranium under Russian control. Trump was "mean" . FRICKIN really? How desperate are they?

Alicia Machado Campaigns for Hillary: Donald Trump ‘Called Me Names’ and ‘Made Fun of Me’:

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A any a little cheese with that whine? 

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The stupidity of these people is astounding. Tens of thousands of emails on her laptop and she had no idea how they got there? And Hillary gives the same answers. I didn't recall. I don't know. 

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It is not in the best interest of liberals to have an educated black population. They've had 50 years of "bringing up the opposed blacks" and what has it resulted in? Higher unemployment. Broken families. Higher welfare rates. The more dependent people are on the government the easier they are to control. 
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