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Announcement: Writer wanted
I have decided to search for a collaborator. Specifically, I am looking for someone interested in having some fun writing one of my comics. Let me explain. I have been producing the post-apocalyptic tale " Mutant Animals vs Zombies vs Machines vs Humans " n...

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RIP Joan Lee
I just had to say some words about the passing of Joan Lee, wife of Stan Lee. Stan Lee is more than just a writer and creator of comic book characters. He's an American legend. A true National Hero. He was married to the love of his life in 1947, just short...

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Alien in residence
I've been reading through my stack and just finished the most recent Resident Alien mini-series, The Man With No Name. I've been saying for the past years that Resident Alien is my favorite current comic series. I'll try to explain why as I discuss the late...

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Baby Groot statue
I did some sculpting recently and thought it was a good time to post the results with the release last weekend of the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I've also been drawing a story for Squad Car #3, the publisher of which made this goofy hype video fo...

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Mini-reviews: Rogue One and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
The two fictional series that I enjoy the most are the Star Wars and Harry Potter universes. Recently, both of these universes were expanded upon by the release of a movie that lies outside the original narrative. I watched both of these movies in the same ...

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Review: Alex Haley's Roots
I recently finished reading the classic novel of the slave experience in America Roots: The Saga of an American Family by legendary author Alex Haley. Reading this classic was a very moving experience for me, and as with many of my favorite things, this nov...

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Dr. Strange
Marvel's premiere mystic has long been one of my favorites, though it is rather...strange. I don't usually like characters with no upper limit to their power, and the good Doc definitely is one of the most powerful Marvel characters ever created. In effect,...

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Independent artists: The Waning, Out With Dad, and Apama
I was watching the recent TedX appearance by my favorite "new" band, The Warning , and the comments of the members had me thinking about independent artists. That is, creative people who do not take their talents to big businesses but rather decide to dispe...

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Review: "Counselling Vanessa 52" OWD 4.17 & "Without Regret?" OWD 4.18
Today I continue my look at season 4 of the webseries Out With Dad. Episode 4.17 returns our story to Vanessa's counselling sessions, and she looks to be feeling much better about herself. She talks of the assault by Kyle in the flop house, and how it made ...

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Movie Review: Civil War (Captain America)
I finally got around to watching Captain America's 3rd Marvel Movie installment, subtitled "Civil War" after hearing it praised a lot since its release last year. Here's my take: The bad: 1- Captain America? This is the least "Captain America" if the movies...
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