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Robert Haas
PostgreSQL Major Contributor, Committer; Chief Architect, Database Server @ EnterpriseDB
PostgreSQL Major Contributor, Committer; Chief Architect, Database Server @ EnterpriseDB
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Parallel Query v2
A recent Twitter poll asked What is your favorite upcoming feature of PostgreSQL V10?   In this admittedly unscientific survey, "better parallelism" (37%) beat out "logical replication" (32%) and "native partitioning" (31%).  I think it's fruitless to argue...

So, I'm going to Postgres Vision in San Francisco October 11-13th. Other PostgreSQL people who will be there include: Magnus Hagander, Michael Meskes, Oleg Bartunov, Alexander Korotkov, Bruce Momjian, Dave Page, and (at least briefly) Andres Freund. There will be lots of business folks there too. I'm told that I have a personal discount code of RH10offPV which you can use to get 10% off when registering. Come see me talk! I hate talking to an empty room...

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Uber's move away from PostgreSQL
Last week, a blog post by an Uber engineer explained why Uber chose to move from PostgreSQL to MySQL . This article was widely reported and discussed within the PostgreSQL community, with many users and
developers expressing the clear sentiment that Uber ha...

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PostgreSQL Regression Test Coverage
This evening, I ran the PostgreSQL regression tests (make check-world) on master and on each supported back-branch three times on hydra, a community test machine provided by IBM.  Here are the median results: 9.1 - 3m49.942s 9.2 - 5m17.278s 9.3 - 6m36.609s ...

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PostgreSQL 9.6 with Parallel Query vs. TPC-H
I decided to try out parallel query, as implemented in PostgreSQL 9.6devel, on the TPC-H queries.  To do this, I followed the directions at - thanks to Tomas Vondra for those instructions.  I did the test on an IBM POWER7 ...

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Parallel Query Is Getting Better And Better
Back in early November, I reported that the first version of parallel sequential scan had been committed to PostgreSQL 9.6.  I'm pleased to report that a number of significant enhancements have been made since then.  Of those, the two that are by the far th...

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No More Full-Table Vacuums
I just committed a very important patch to PostgreSQL.  The short summary for the patch is " Don't vacuum all-frozen pages. " and it follows up on a patch I committed last week, whose short summary was " Change the format of the VM fork to add a second bit ...

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PostgreSQL Past, Present, and Future: Moving The Goalposts
It's nice to see that PostgreSQL 9.5 is finally released!  There are a number of blog posts out about that already, not to mention stories in InfoWorld , V3 , and a host of other publications .  Of all the publicity, though, I think my favorite piece is a r...

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Planning Parallel and Distributed Queries
I have been somewhat lax about blogging for the last six months or so due to having been even busier than usual with various projects, and I think that's likely to continue for at least the next month or two as I work to finish the first version of parallel...

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PostgreSQL Shutdown
PostgreSQL has three shutdown modes: smart, fast, and immediate.  For many years, the default has been "smart", but Bruce Momjian has just committed a patch to change the default to "fast" for PostgreSQL 9.5.  In my opinion, this is a good thing; I have com...
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