Update - Reshares (Alpha)

To make adding relevant links to the tracker easier I've been working on automatically adding reshares for the post you submit. This is still in early testing so for now I only added it to the Stand-alone comment tracker. I will add it to the Hangout extension once I properly tested it and fixed some issues.

To use the new feature at http://www.allmyplus.com/hangout-comment-tracker/app.html just check the checkbox before clicking on add. This will load the post and up to 10 reshares of it. If you find any of the reshares not interesting enough to track you can remove them from the tracker as you would any other post by clicking the small x next to it.

Limitations for now:
- You will have to use the original post for this to work, it won't work if you add an already reshared post.
- Max. 10 reshares (to conserve API quota)
- You might find messages like "Reshare by user 1234 not found." This happens when the reshare wasn't public (or is too far in the past).
- Not available in the Hangout extension yet while testing.

You can start using the stand-alone app at this link:

You can start using the extension by opening a hangout via this link:

You can read more about the extension on this website:

If you want to be notified about further updates to this extension please let me know, so that I can add you to an appropriate circle. Please make sure to circle the page as well, because I can't add you to circles otherwise. And if you want to be removed from the notifications again just let me know as well :)

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