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Update - Reshares

The possibility to automatically add reshares when adding a post to the Comment Tracker has now been included in the Hangout Extension.
Just check the checkbox before adding the URL. If you forgot to check the checkbox you will have to remove the post before adding it again with reshares.

Some notes:
- Up to 25 reshares will be added per post
- Only public reshares can be added
- Non-public reshares will be skipped (but count towards the 25 reshare limit because it still uses API quota)
- If you already add a reshare, the extension will try to add the original post and 25 reshares of the original

You can start using the extension by opening a hangout via this link:

You can also use all the functions outside of a hangout here:

You can read more about the extension on this website:

If you want to be notified about further updates to this extension please let me know, so that I can add you to an appropriate circle. Please make sure to circle the page as well, because I can't add you to circles otherwise. And if you want to be removed from the notifications again just let me know as well :)

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This just keeps getting better and better! This is going to be so handy for me soon!!!
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