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The Review and Analysis of Fictional Books
The Review and Analysis of Fictional Books

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Reading Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. I really enjoy the Eliza character, the obsessive uninhibited friend who you know after some time is bad for you but you can't be unchained from. It may be she represents the destructive nature of freedom, it is still too early in the book for me to tell. I am currently on page 70. Anyone else read Freedom? What did you think of her character? 

Are you a writer?

What motivates you to write genre fiction?


What motivates you to write literary fiction?

Readers do you prefer reading genre fiction or literary fiction? Why?

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In honor of World Book Day I am hosting a contest on my blog, check it out here:

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Does the iPad need another book reader? ReadMill says yes

While over in Europe I found ReadMill, , a nicer, er, more social book reader. What does it do better?

Founder +Henrik Berggren tells me what in the video below:

1. It's social.
2. It is made for the iPad from the ground up.
3. You can see all sorts of stats about your reading of a book, like how much time you've spent reading it so far.
4. Very clean and simple reading experience.

What do you think?

Oh, and while we're talking about startups and ebooks, my friend +shel israel has written an ebook on how to give great presentations. I wish every startup entrepreneur would read this. Heck, I wish every exec would read this.

Unfortunately to read Shel's book you need the Kindle book reader, since it costs money, but Shel is qualified to write such a book. He's helped dozens of companies prepare for the Demo and other startup launch conferences and knows how to make sure your presentations get the desired effect (er, funding or adoption).

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