Planning discussion for opening weeks in January 2015

Opening up this discussion thread for anyone who is interested in contributing to the initial six-week open session that officially begins Jan. 25.

I've set up a Google document to outline contributors, resources and activity details during each of the three, two-week segments of the open session. But we can do some thinking-out-loud in this discussion thread before committing items to the planning doc.

#msloc430 #msloc430planning  

To start, we could use contributors to help us:
- Find a select few readings and resources to kick off weeks 1 and 3 (our exploration of technology, networks and communities in the service of work and learning).
- Help as editors of two collaborative documents (Google docs) we plan to build during weeks 1-2 and 2-3. - Help creating prompts for blog topics, Twitter chats and discussions
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