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Selena Lum
Behavior Therapist studying for BCaBA & Geek
Behavior Therapist studying for BCaBA & Geek

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Still need to make a video for the project, but this is my (hopeful?) summer project!!

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My attempt to crossover into professional photography... perhaps an actual career? I hope, I hope, I hope.

Does research and an increased understanding of the chemical processes and biological components of love and bonding in relationships affect your view on love and the "mystery" or conceptual romanticism that surrounds it?

I know where I stand with regards to this, but I'm curious about how people feel about science placing love under the microscope.

Life would be so much easier if more textbooks were offered in digital form. I take forever to read from physical books, but on-screen reading is so much easier for me! Way more portable, too.

Just ordered my transcript for registering for the BCABA exam coming up in May!

How is everyone doing?

I went to Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking seminars in SF last week. So awesome! So much food for thought.

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I have never experienced "too much pumpkin pie," so I'm convinced such a phenomena doesn't exist.

If anyone has any Science, Applied Behavior Analysis / Behavior related circles, share them with me!

I just turned down 3 part time job offers because my schedule was full. Then I just lost one of my existing part time jobs. Bummer.
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