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Roads slick if you don't have to go don't 

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Shared route
From 7845-7899 Balineen Ct to 6428 Maple Rd via I-64 E.

41 min (30 mi)

1. Get on I-64 E from Olde W Dr and US-33 E/Staples Mill Rd
2. Follow I-64 E to VA-33 E in 2. Take exit 205 from I-64
3. Take New Kent Hwy and VA-665 to Maple Rd
4. Arrive at location: 6428 Maple Rd

For the best route in current traffic visit

Brandon hello robbiewon from ingress I'm in Virginia would like to get in touch with you for information on the game just recently was invited to play an have not stopped since game has my full attention now
I'd like to add more players that are in our faction any Intel on the players would be very helpful if you wish you can add me to your circles an forward this message to other players. 

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Nice work 3d printers awesome 
London anomaly, an unforgettable event!!! 
Got my first XMP8! 
#ingress   #interitus  

Happy birthday!

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Feel the ground shake as this giant robotic insect takes its first steps (video):

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Dick Tracy watch is here an now shame can't see people on FaceTime thin face I'm sure. All you'll see is eyes 
Future Wrist Watch With More Features
Animated Photo

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Dave what are you doing Dave you can't leave the ship Dave were 10 light years away from earth Dave
Google engineers are no longer sure how their #deeplearning system thinks, it is thinking for itself in ways beyond human programming.

"This means that for some things, Google researchers can no longer explain exactly how the system has learned to spot certain objects, because the programming appears to think independently from its creators, and its complex cognitive processes are inscrutable."

I am not terrified in the slightest, are you?

#machinelearning #artificialintelligence #machineintelligence #artificiallife #life #intelligence  

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Can I have a cookie plz
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