Breakfast has arrived, #Dev4Good kicking off 10am on Saturday morning - 1.5h later than intended. Developers and designers spent their weekend solving IT problems for charity. Hope & Play were looking for a resource management, which was tackled by 2 teams in parallel: one team hooking into twitter's streaming API and us using a node.js stack. Our team split and the other half ended up implementing a resource/feed aggregator for local communities. Two further teams implemented a venue management platform and a book publishing platform for kids.

Initially our team was the largest with at least 12 members and we had great ambitions, sketching wild ER diagrams and discussing all kinds of workflows for the charity resource management we were going to build: we decided it should follow a publisher/subscriber model and there could be a reward system a la stackoverflow to incentivise giving resources and not only asking for them. We decided in favour of Tower.js as the platform, which turned out to be a poor choice: too immature, incomplete documentation and too much "magic" behind the scenes leading to incomprehensible error messages. In the process of struggling with the technology parts of the team decided it would be more productive splitting. After considerably slimming down the project concept around 2.30am on Saturday night we decided to completely start from scratch around 1.30pm on Sunday and switch to zappa.js - the show and tell was at 5pm. In 3.5h of work we managed to build the data model backed by MongoDB, a JSON REST API served from the database, a frontend using bootstrap and authentication via OpenID. Check it out on GitHub:
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