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What If....
Some people call it fate. Some choose the term luck. Others,
would indicate the presence of God. For me, on November 15 th , it was a string of ‘what
if’s’… Being co-managed by several doctors due to my complicated
pregnancy invariably results in ‘complicat...

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25 Weeks
At 20 weeks four days pregnant, I was placed on bedrest due
to pre-term labor complications in my twin pregnancy.  At that appointment, I was given a dire
report by a dire doctor who I haven’t gone back to see. You see, by nature, I’m
a pessimist. I’ve alwa...

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What I Want To Say
I’d had an entirely different blog written. It’s a blog that
will no longer see the light of day. I’d written about the constant state of
worry I’ve lived in through my current pregnancy. I spoke about waiting for the
‘other shoe to drop’.  Writers aren’t
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