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Got my replacement BLTouch in and installed it (correctly this time). All the gcodes work.

It's installed on an Azteeg X5 Mini v3, and I'll be happy to create and post a proper wiring diagram. This is of course running Smoothieware.

Whether I extend the pin (via M280 S3.0) or not before trying any sort of auto-calibration routine, the result is the same: The effector crashes into the bed. I've tried G29, G30, and G32. I've tried them without manually extending the pin, and after manually extending the pin. Always the same result.

Any ideas? I'm posting the relevant portion of my config file below. Thanks!

probe endstop true
probe_pin 1.29 # optional pin for probe

# optional Z probe
zprobe.enable true # set to true to enable a zprobe
zprobe.probe_pin 1.29 # pin probe is attached to if NC remove the !
zprobe.slow_feedrate 5 # mm/sec probe feed rate
#zprobe.debounce_count 100 # set if noisy
zprobe.fast_feedrate 100 # move feedrate
zprobe.probe_height 5 # how much above bed to start probe

# Switch module for Z probe servo control
switch.servo.enable true #
switch.servo.input_on_command M280 S3.0 # M280 S7.5 would be midway
switch.servo.input_off_command M281 # same as M280 S0 0% duty cycle, effectively off
switch.servo.output_pin 2.4 # must be a PWM capable pin
switch.servo.output_type hwpwm # H/W pwm output settable with S parameter in the input_on_comand
switch.servo.pwm_period_ms 20 # set period to 20ms (50Hz) default is 50Hz

# associated with zprobe the leveling strategy to use true # basic delta calibration 200 # the probe radius 10 # height above bed to stop initial move

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I wired my BLTouch as shown below to my Azteeg X5 Mini v3 board. I set the switch.servo.output_pin in my config file to 1.22. As soon as I switched on the printer, the BLTouch caught fire.


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A look back at some of Mississippi State fanatic Stingray's prognostication results during the 2015 college football season.

This is something I've had no trouble with in the past, but I can't get it to work now. Using Tasker and AutoInput to fill in a password in an app and then click either the "unlock" icon or the ENTER key on the keyboard. Either one will successfully open the app.

I have no problem getting the app open, selecting the password field, entering the password, etc., but I cannot get AutoInput to make that final click that submits the password and opens the app. Driving me nuts.

Marshmallow on Nexus 6. 
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