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John Swaffield
Web maker aka 'that IT guy'. Positive, persevering and productive.
Web maker aka 'that IT guy'. Positive, persevering and productive.
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My blog: what I've been up to recently...WordPress, Yii PHP, Open Uni & being a new Dad (again)

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Recently I ran an online competition to promote a local business. As a result we learnt a lot about how to market a competition effectively and I thought I would write a blog post to share with you some of the lessons we learnt.

"Internet Marketing – Tips For Promoting Your Competition Online"

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I've just finished a Visual Basic programming course with the Open University and thought it was as suitable time to look back at what I have achieved so far.

I've written a blog post that summarises what courses I have taken and what I thought of them.

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"Sorry, this season is not available. Please try another country"

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Win £25 by guessing the number of balls!
Win £25 in our Euro 2012 Competion!
Guess how many balls we have stored in our shipping container:

Its as simple as that! There is no catch, just guess the number of balls in our container.

We will repeat this competition for every game England play in Euro 2012 and will increase the value of the prize as England progress through the tournament!

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My Latest Blog Post: EU Cookie Law & How Web Sites Are Complying

Hey, I'm also on Twitter!/swaffs

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From my blog: a look at how companies are complying with the EU cookie law. Or rather how they are not!

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My blog article on how to good time management and self motivation can improve your work and studies.

"One of the big benefits I have gained from my Open University studies is improving my time management and self motivation. These skills will continue to benefit me long after I have finished my studies and they have been really useful in my work too.

In a web development or IT role, emphasis is often placed on the individual's technical skills. However, in my career I have found that effective time management, motivation and the ability to learn new skills are just as vital" more!
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