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Proof of the Pudding
The Proof is in the Food
The Proof is in the Food

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Sporting Clays, Beer & Bourbon Tasting, and Lunch Adventure Kit Special on Living Social; just 140.00 at the picturesque Foxhall Sporting Club in Douglasville. Book it now!

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Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day today in Georgia, pay it forward...

AFPA Education Day
Let me add a HUGE second to that emotion!   Your staff is always on top of everything, plus we have so much fun with each other!   Everything yesterday went so smoothly it was almost scary.   I heard raves about the food - and the service was impeccable.   THANK YOU for contributing to the great success of our Education Day!
Much appreciation,

Happy National Spumoni Day!

Spumoni (from spuma or "foam"), Italian ice cream crafted with layers of different colors and flavors; the usual concoction of chocolate, vanilla, and pistachio is popular in the U.S. Though other flavors are quite popular worldwide including cherry, coffee and dark chocolate and sometime may contain fruits or nuts.

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Something Old, Something New Bridal Show... and Something to Blog About...
Keep Up With Proof;

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Smiles abound...last night we won 1st Place in the Team Flag Competition at the ISES Race for a Taste Bowling Olympics- from left to right; Amy Bush, Stephanie Hansard, Lee Stepancik, Barbara Yontz, Sabrina Curran & Alaina Williams.

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We had the pleasure of showcasing our Innovative Creations at the Something Old, Something New Bridal Show held at The Academy of Medicine at Georgia Tech earlier this month; here are just a few of the succulent and bold delicacies we featured. ‘What a great time!
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CulinAero at the GICC - We love having Delta Airlines in house and getting to share our Red Wine Mushroom Steak Skewers with Garlic Mash! Who's hungry?

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Here are some new delights we’ll be serving at the Academy of the Medicine- they're a huge hit!
August 8, 2012
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