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Has anyone considered combining "The Cthulhu Hack" with "The Front" (WWII black hack) and "Achtung! Cthulhu" ?

It tempts me!

Constitution - The unloved stat

One of the aspects of the Black Hack that I enjoy is the constant using of abilities and their gradual improvement over time which represents improvement through that usage.

The concept of a naturally talented young warrior with high stats fighting an experienced but physically weaker opponent has a lot of verisimilitude. Will the higher hit points of the experience opponent be sufficient to survive the stronger onslaught of the young warrior?

Of the physical stats we use Strength and Dexterity almost constantly while adventuring, however Constitution is relegated to odd attempts to save our lives from poison, disease or death. As our stats rise, constitution seems to offer little benefit.

So, with that in mind I sought to find a mechanism to make constitution more relevant, without reintroducing stat modifiers: -

HP = (Constitution - 4) + (level bonus * level), recalculated as CON changes. The level bonuses for each class would be: -

Warrior = 5, Cleric = 4, Thief = 3 & Conjurer = 2 (basically half the HD)

A weak 1st level Conjurer with 3 CON would have (3-4)+(2*1) = 1hp
An average 1st level Cleric with 11 CON would have (11-4)+(4*1) = 11hp
A strong 1st level Warrior with 17 CON would have (17-4)+(5*1) = 18hp

It is important to note the chances of the weak / strong characters occurring are rare and as such represent extremes. However with regard to the poor Conjurer, should he survive he is virtually guaranteed to improve his hit points significantly after two to three levels due to the rise in his constitution.

So by 4th level our poor Conjurer would on hopefully have risen to 6 CON resulting in (6-4)+(2*4) = 10hp. For reference the default average HP for a 4th level Conjurer would be 14.

Our Warrior on the other hand would be unlikely to have raised his CON beyond 17 and would be relying on his experience at 4th level to improve his resilience in combat. 17 CON (17-4)+(5*4) = 33hp. For reference the default average HP for a 4th level Warrior would be 26.

Hopefully this could bring CON back to being a useful stat again without introducing the stat modifiers of the past.

If anyone has found another way to revitalise CON I would be most interested.

Is "Warriors of the Red Planet" covered by the OGL?

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Random character generator for Black Hack.

Helpful for NPC's, One shot games, etc.

Contains a random name generator for anglo-saxon names.

If you can think of anything to add (or change if incorrect) your welcome to post below.

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This is just a glimpse of my Red planet city state generator in development. It is not pretty or finished. But it is generating almost all the information I need. The last two missing entries will be prosperity and happiness.

I got the idea from Dan Henry who did one for Mazes & Minotaurs (The Greek Mythological RPG).

When finished it will enable me to generate an interesting new city state with background and detail with a single click.

All part of my cunning sandbox plan!

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Warriors of the Red Planet Character Generator v0.7

Added weapons, armour, character name, refined equipment choices, added support for 4d6 rolling, support for descending and ascending armour class to hit, social, class abilities and skills, gadgets and powers. Added stylesheet and improved output.

Will generate a character using 4d6 discard lowest roll.

Will create a 4d6 roll character using descending AC.

Keep refreshing the page for a different character.

Current remaining ideas for implementation are: -

powers / spells usage per day,
random seed store,
height & weight,
PDF output,
JSON output,
Personal campaign house rules,
Simple Personality cues and notable traits.
Alternate Races
Sorcerers of the Black Gate.

Now I have most of the tools I need I am moving over to adventure generation for my first game. This will be four earth people from the 1920's being transported to Mars by accident. They have generated basic D&D-like statistics but have not seen the rulebook and don't know which game they will be playing. They have been told the game is "pulp" orientated and nothing else. So hopefully surprise will be total as they discover the red planet for the first time. I imagine the female librarian is in for a fascinating time.

Anyway enjoy playing with the character generator and if you can think of anything not covered above please suggest it?

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Character sheet design turned into a fillable PDF for Warriors of the Red Planet.

You can download it here ..

The WRP Character Generator at ..

Will have an option to auto-feed its results into this character sheet when finished.

This should enable immediate character generation for one shot games or low level NPC's for WRP Referees.

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Almost finished the 1st Level Character generator for Warriors of the Red Planet.

In terms of mechanics just Armour, AC and Weapons still to do.

Then comes "output" format onto screen or into PDF.

Hopefully by the weekend it should be complete.

I need to refine item choices as well, to stop silly things like two different light sources etc.

Comments welcome .. is it missing anything etc?

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Colonial Troopers Just released and looking good!

Early D&D Framework, Steve Perrin and Thomas Denmark as Authors.

A nice different flavour of Hard Sci-fi .. something to mix and match with White Star perhaps.
Colonial Troopers
Colonial Troopers

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House Rules for the Scientist class.

First of my changes for my own campaign.
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