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Roze Wallin
Author, Blogger, Eccentric Chick
Author, Blogger, Eccentric Chick

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What are you writing?
Hiya guys! Hope your week is starting out well. =) I'm getting back in my writing groove, and working on my current manuscript (name to come...eventually lol). It feels so good to be writing again though! It got me wondering, since it's the Summer shift in ...

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Swirling Secrets Re-Release!
Hiya peeps, and TGIF! Hopefully you all are doing awesome, and have some fun plans for this weekend. I'm super excited, because I'm finally re-releasing my Swirling Secrets trilogy ! I've been working on this project for nearly a year - even before I publis...

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We Bought A House!!
Hiya guys!! I've got an exciting update to share with you today! Honestly, it's been a rough couple of months. I've been stressed and unable to focus on writing much at all, which sucks! It's been for a good reason though, and now that it's over, it was wor...

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Do You Review?
Hiya peeps! I'm writing a blog post shamelessly asking for reviews, cuz more exposure and self-promotion and all that. Ah, indie author life. =P Anyway, basically this is a request to reviewers. I don't currently have spare time to email awesome-sauce revie...

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Advice Needed, Please!!
Hiya peeps! I have a dilemma, and I would love your help! I've asked a couple of times on social media, but my actual question seems to get missed. So, I'm going to try an actual blog post, with a simple poll at the end. Like many indie authors now-a-days, ...

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Maybe In July?
Hiya guys!  So, in  my last post  I was super excited about starting Camp NaNoWriMo... Ten days later, and I haven't written anther word since that first day. facepalm The luck in my schedule seems to go in waves, and at the moment, I just don't have any ...

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Start of Camp NaNoWriMo!
Hiya guys! Happy April! Can you believe how fast 2017 is going? I can't! April is always my fun-month though, because my it's my birthday month! =D I'm excited for this month for another reason though, as if birthday fun wasn't enough. But, it's the first o...

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Claim A Freebie!
Hiya peeps! Hope you're having an awesome weekend so far! Any fun plans? The guys finished up a VW Baja project they've been working on for a while, and I got their YouTube channel set up! Phew! Lots of work, man, lemme tell ya. What I'm super excited about...

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Friday Update!
Hiya guys! TGIF!! =D This week has been a rough one, and I'm glad for the weekend! Hopefully it'll be a good one. crosses fingers I didn't get much added to my current manuscript, but really, that's probably a good thing. All the more to work on for Camp ...

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Camp NaNoWriMo?
Hiya peeps! Happy Saturday! Hopefully you're having a wonderful weekend so far. =) So, how many of you have heard of Camp NaNoWriMo ? I hadn't until last November, with the better known NaNoWriMo competition. Apparently, the same group also hosts writing ev...
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