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Jeff Call
Storyboard artist, teacher, husband, father
Storyboard artist, teacher, husband, father

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The Judge Dredd book +Jay Hassan sent came swaddled like a baby and in fine form. Thanks, Jay!

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The Sleeping Hospital
Because, of course, space elves.

Prompt: hospital and becoming <--- not a fan of this one... came close to only doing that robot drawing for this one.

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Beleagured Temple of Air

Or Attack of the Giant Dandelions!!!

Prompt: crisp and seed

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Hidden Home of the Unhappy Henchmen

prompt: charisma and ballistic

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(prompt: celebrity, hoofs)
Behold! A new trend in extreme royal surgery! It seems like every prince, duke, princess, lordling and baroness is sporting a brand new pair of hooves instead of feet! But how? Shhhhhhh... Doctor Ogenschmeltz's Beautification Center is HOW. The restrictions are stringent, the price exhorbitant, and the results: DIVINE! The rumors of the duchess not returning from her surgery? ABSURD!

1. Lobby/Waiting Room - less outrageous furniture is hard to find. Strange shapes, awkward designs, everywhere the signs of too much money spent on decor without any taste. The receptionist will make sure you have an appointment. Only the appearance of a eccentric zillionaire will keep anyone without an appointment from being turned away by the 4 plain-clothes guards pretending to be customers.
2. Consultation Room - Doctor Ogenschmeltz meets with patients individually to talk about the aesthetic wants (perissodactyl or artiodactyl?) and the price. The procedure, not so much. He is short, bald and seems a little scatterbrained. Eager to please. Would never think of hooves himself, for he is too low-born, surely, if you please.
3. Doctor Ogenschmeltz's Public Office - royal customers brought in to show-off gawdy decor: a carrion-crawler-skin rug, a triple-decker armoir, a table built from bones of rumored near-extinct jungle hobbit tribe.
4. Operation room - a single table whereupon is placed the patient. 30% chance a customer is in there now if just barging in. A metal gate is on the Northern wall.
5. Animal room - horses, sheep, goats and other 4 legged hoofed creatures are brought in, leave with human feet for feet. A metal gate is on the Southern wall.
+In between 4 and 5 is a strange creature called a panoptibeast. A creature with a head on each end, when each head sees a living thing, it switches randomly the extremities from one to the other. The Panoptibeast is otherwise harmless. The Doctor seems to own the only 2 in existence.
6. Livestock area - Stablehands take care of the creatures and try to keep them quiet so as not to disturb the work.
7. Secret Dock - where normal animals are brought in and freakish animals with human hands, legs, feet, and sometimes regal heads are shipped off and sold to exotic markets.
8. Hallway of Armed Guards - security is pretty tight here.
9. A Mystery.
10. Hallway - each door is locked but has a small door to slide a food tray in.
11. Recovery Rooms - patients are brought here to recover and re-learn how to walk. They are released upon payment. Room occupants d6: 1-2. Hoofed royalty. 3. Hoofed impostor now being held for ransom until payment is made. 4-5. Empty. 6. Monstrosity - something went wrong with the procedure and some chimera is now being held until it's shipped to a circus freakshow.
12. Dr Ogenschmelt's Private Office - spartan furnishing: chair, bed, desk, fireplace, mermaid statue. Fairly drab for someone with such a successful business. Secret door activated by placing a fireplace poker or other long thin object into mouth of mermaid statue.
13. Magic Mirror Room - A couple coins litter the ground in front of a plain looking mirror standing in the middle of the room. Any spell cast in here activates the mirror which becomes a gateway to the true genius behind this latest cash grab. Shattering the mirror ruins its enchantment.

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Abandoned Gym of the Muscular Gods

Day 2 - a rousing failure. I've gone 10 minutes over and the dungeon is not yet presentable. Here's what I've got as of now. Does it break the spirit of the thing to finish it later? Am I setting a bad precedent? Surely my ambition needs to be kept in check, but it's hard not to want to follow an idea through to the end. Maybe I let this stand and revisit it later on some other occasion.

One of things that stuck with me from Scott C.'s talk is: you don't worry too much about failure because if you're doing them regularly everyone will forget about the bad ones, because there will always be new one tomorrow. Or something like that.
The starting words were: muscleman and distant.
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60 Minute Dungeon
Yesterday Scott C. (, an artist I've admired for a while, came by work and gave a talk about getting inspired, etc. Every morning as part of his work ritual he spends 60 minutes brainstorming and formulating a mini project. I decided to try it and why not, but with a mini dungeon?
I give you : Drow Lemonade Stand.
I knew the first time was going to go a little long, and so it did. The prompt word was "lemonade stand." 

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24 hours left to back OPERATION UNFATHOMABLE! What have you been waiting for??? Chaos godlings! Strange fungus men! Experimentation with the unknown! ZOUNDS!

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My 3-yr old son and I have been playing with these small dinosaurs (all named Bob), and this is a movie the Bobs go see at the theater. It's on like the 10th installment, (the 9th was a disappointment because everyone just went to sleep at the end?) Anyway, I give you: TRICERAGUN, the Triceratops with guns for horns!

Partway through working on this I realized that my 3 yr-old is not sophisticated enough to understand any of the action movie or franchise satire going on. I think it's time for the Bobs to start watching more kid-friendly fare.

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Zombie Class
In my Black Hack game, the players have been exploring the gatehouse of the Anomalous Subsurface Environment. After a deadly run-in with dust ghosts, our alchemist character (using the class created by +Mike Evans: used a powder she had been developing to help bring freshly dead characters back to life. It worked. Kind of... Here was the result:
Have fun watching characters lose their humanity one step at a time!
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