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The Guardian: Water becomes a weapon in Iraq war
Last week, following an interview
for The Guardian, John Vidal published an article featuring my comments on some
water security aspects of the current conflicts in Iraq and Syria. The article
appeared in the print version of the newspaper on Thu, 03/07/201...
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BBC- Gulf diplomatic crisis over Qatar's 'interference'
this edition of BBC Arabic's Newsnight (06/03/2014) I discuss the latest
diplomatic spat over Qatar's international policies. Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and
the United Arab Emirates took the unprecedented decision to withdraw their
respective ambassadors from...
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BBC- Saudi protests and jailing of political activists (13/06/2013)
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BBC: UK Parliament to vote on military intervention in Syria
On this edition of BBC Arabic
Newsnight (09/09/2013) I discuss the planned UK House of Commons vote on the
potential British participation in a US-led strike against Bashar al-Assad's
regime in Syria.
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Javad Zarif and Iran's foreign policy under Hassan Rouhani
Zarif and Hassan Rouhani –
Iran’s Foreign Minister and President respectively – pay great attention to
widely publicising details of their foreign policy. Their unprecedented Twitter
presence is a clear example of the new administration’s wish for gre...
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