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elliot saturn

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elliot saturn

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it sometimes can be a particularly strong force within me, the need to try to watch out for others when i think they may be in danger.

there have been times i’ve had others use this to manipulate me, mislead me, or even trick me into hurting people and even those i’d try to protect, because of this i try to be particularly careful to check with others to make sure they see the same things i do when i think someone is being abused and make sure that what i think i see is what’s actually happening before acting upon it.

though i’ve also found that even once confirmed, and even if the victim or person being harmed or endangered expresses their pain or cries out for help even offering support to them can be risky and they may take things out on those who try.

it requires a great deal of care and caution, and often inhuman degrees of patence.
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elliot saturn

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pass thing off as art and manage to sell what should be throw away or buried alive more often than it's worth
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it has come to my attention that i dont exist, personally i take this paradox quite personally though that i would do so is a baffling paradox in it's elf.
dont mind me, just the waken dead.

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undead and either mildly insane or some kind of mystic depending on who you ask . i know without a doubt that i am infact insane, truth be told everyone is but i realize it, understand the nature of my insanity, and know how to use it to get what would seem to me relitively sane results.
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