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Woohoo -- for the next few months anyway.

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Google Trends visualizations in real time: a bit ADHD inducing but fun. You can customize for Canada and some other countries.

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Curious to see if Google will implement the technology.

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Great idea from the Prado Museum -- online jigsaw puzzles and other games using famous examples of art from the Museum's collection. Fun.

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How To Eat At A Hipster Restaurant -- though intended for NYC, these tips apply to Vancouver as well.

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Interesting development from Google, probably part of their strategy to push Google+ further into search results. Not seeing this yet.

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No additional comment necessary.

Dear Japanese Fishermen of Taiji,

I understand how you must feel about the one-sided-ness of the West to be angry at your traditional capture and slaughter of Dolphins. But that tradition was made only when the world, and Japanese Fishermen did not know what it meant to do harm to the Dolphins. I'm sure you have heard so many speeches in which all of these things have been discussed. So I will not bore you with it.

But I think you should think of this situation from the point-of-view of the big picture. Japan has gone through such hard times lately. And we need the sympathy and help of the rest of the world. It will give an excuse for big countries and their children in China, India and Russia to speak ill of Japan when we should be communicating our strong love for peace, not violence.

I am sure that it is not easy, but please consider the safety of the future of Japan, surrounded by many powerful countries which are always looking for the chance to weaken the power of our country. The future of Japan and its safety depends on many situations, but what you do with Dolphins now can create a very bad relationship with the whole world.

The way you are insisting on a big celebration of killing so many Dolphins and kidnapping some of them to sell to the zoos and restaurants at this very politically sensitive time, will make the children of the world hate the Japanese. 

For many, many years and decades we have worked hard to receive true understanding of the Japanese from the world. And, because of our effort, Japan is now respected as a country of good power and ingenuity. This did not happen without our efforts of many decades. 

But what we enjoy now, can be destroyed literally in one day. I beg of you to consider our precarious situation after the nuclear disaster (which could very well effect the rest of the world, as well). 

Please use political tact and cancel the festival which will be considered by the rest of the world as a sign of Japanese arrogance, ignorance, and love for an act of violence.

Thank you. 

Yoko Ono Lennon
20 January 2014

cc Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe

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Interesting look at Twitter's history.
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