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I hele Europa beskytter vitale love vores mest kostbare naturområder samt vilde dyr og planter, men Europa-Kommissionen overvejer at svække dem. Lad os fortælle EU's ledere, at vi ønsker en stærk lovgivning, der beskytter naturen. Deltag i kampagnen: 
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It's finally over! Massive logging of internet session data have ended, and we are now in the process of deleting all the session logs.
It is a happy day indeed! No more need for us to spend time on ensuring, that everything you do is saved and stored.

If you want to know more about the law about this you can read here: (danish)

// K-Net
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Renewable phone made from combinable open hardware
Support Phonebloks! A phone worth keeping by Dave Hakkens
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Imagine there was a time when bottled water didn't exist in our catalog of popular commodities. Perhaps the trend started in 1976 when the chic French sparkling water, Perrier made its introduction. There it was seductively bottled in its emerald green glass amongst the era of disco and the spectacle of excesses... who could resist right?! What could be more decadent than to package, sell and consume what most consider (in the western world) a co...
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EUDEC 2012, at Kapriole, Freiburg
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Celia's blog
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Have him in circles
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Healthy Body Now | If you are a frugal gardener, you’ll love this idea. How about growing your garden this year from food scraps? Some of the easiest and most inexpensive plants to grow are from things that might otherwise end up in the trash can, so instead, why not use them to make some
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This seems useful
Jolicloud is the new computing platform built around your life in the cloud. Jolicloud is the home for your most precious content.
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Fantastisk café som også afholder dejlige arrangementer. Kan virkelig anbefale deres falafel og hummus salat.
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The sauna is excellent!
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Über cool and talented people doing what they are good at!
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4 reviews
Good service, and very helpful people.
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