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Andreas Geisler
A Danish expat, living in Finland. I work as a language provider for various translation agencies. I am currently interested in SEO localization, machine translation and linguistics.
A Danish expat, living in Finland. I work as a language provider for various translation agencies. I am currently interested in SEO localization, machine translation and linguistics.

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It's Cheeto Jesus, the unspinnable ratfuck!!!
Yup, I know what my nightmares will be about tonight.
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"In Greenland, the great melt is on. The decline of Greenland's ice sheet is a familiar story, but until recently, massive calving glaciers that carry ice from the interior and crumble into the sea got most of the attention. Between 2000 and 2008, such "dynamic" changes accounted for about as much mass loss as surface melting and shifts in snowfall. But the balance tipped dramatically between 2011 and 2014, when satellite data and modeling suggested that 70% of the annual 269 billion tons of snow and ice shed by Greenland was lost through surface melt, not calving. The accelerating surface melt has doubled Greenland's contribution to global sea level rise since 1992–2011, to 0.74 mm per year. "Nobody expected the ice sheet to lose so much mass so quickly," says geophysicist Isabella Velicogna of the University of California, Irvine. "Things are happening a lot faster than we expected."

It's urgent to figure out why, and how the melting might evolve in the future, because Greenland holds the equivalent of more than 7 m of sea level rise in its thick mantle of ice. Glaciologists were already fully occupied trying to track and forecast the surge in glacial calving. Now, they are striving to understand the complex feedbacks that are speeding up surface melting.

Although the Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world, high temperatures alone can't explain the precipitous erosion of Greenland's ice. Unseasonably warm summers appear to be abetted by microbes and algae that grow on the increasingly wet surface of the ice sheet, producing pigments that boost the ice's absorption of solar energy. Soot and dust that blow from lower latitudes and darken the ice also appear to be playing a role, as are changes in weather patterns that increasingly steer warm, moist air over the vulnerable ice.
Researchers hope to incorporate all of these factors into computer models of ice sheets, which still struggle to mimic how real ice sheets respond to climate change. In a recent comparison of four ice models, for example, the amount of meltwater they produced under current conditions varied by more than 40%. Forecasts of future ice sheet behavior appear even more uncertain: Under the same high–global warming scenario, eight ice sheet models predicted anywhere between 0 and 27 cm of sea level rise in 2100 from Greenland melt.

Better melt models would improve forecasts not only for Greenland, but also for the Antarctic Ice Sheet. It holds 10 times more water than Greenland, and for now is losing nearly all of its ice through glacier calving, not surface melting. But sooner or later the thaw will reach the bottom of the world."

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You don't suppose that was why +David Drummond was excluded from meetings prior to Otto acquisition... do you?
A loud smacking sound echoes throughout the land...

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Takatalvi, literally "backwinter", the phenomenon of heavy snowfalls arriving just when people were beginning to hope spring had come.

Today I escalated a case from level 0 support (base level, no frills) to level 4 support in 7 hours. That would usually take a week, maybe several. :D

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Write it on the side of a vehicle.

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Psychopaths like Thiel and Bannon actually relish being seen as villains.

Via +Sakari Maaranen
Peter Thiel, Facebook backer, Plantir owner, and NSA XKeyscore dude. Very dangerous person and company.

OK, so now the "anonymous" are doxxing judges for ruling against Trump.


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"Congratulations me!"

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We're going to need a job-hobbit.
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