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I like winter
I like winter
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With latest update I consistently am getting sleep not detected message. I have not had this problem with prior versions. I am using SmartBand 2, sleep is being recorded with the band yet I'm still getting the message 

Home screen rotate would be nice to have again. MM removed it from the Xperia launcher 

Why am I getting March summary every week in April so far 

I drive everyday, however none of it has been recorded over the past week. Says I'm standing still when I was driving 

Can there be an option to turn off the annoying Facebook link when clicking through to read a story. I don't use it and don't want to see it. Thanks 

Every day I get a popup notification saying that Lifelog has stopped. What's going on with this app? Xperia Z3+

Please allow me to add using the SongPal app as one of the activities. It's how I control my stereo which I use frequently and I'd like it reflected in my lifelog

Hi new user here. I have Ubuntu running on an old PC, and I have a WD my book hard drive attached to my router. Everything was fine until for some reason I suddenly don't have permissions to write to the WD anymore. It still shows up as a network drive. No idea what happened. I don't have a Windows machine to check it with, does anyone have any suggestions?

I suddenly stopped getting my activity report at the beginning of each month about 5 months ago. I had not changed anything in Google Now. Where did it go and how do I get it back
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