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Daniel Feng
Professional hmi plc and industrial panel pc manufacturer from China
Professional hmi plc and industrial panel pc manufacturer from China


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Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) supported by Wecon PI Series HMI.
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New Model LEVI 350T with 3.5 inches display screen
Small sparrow, but it has all the vital organs
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May the Diwali light of Diwali spread into your life, peace,prosperity & good health.
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Wecon In China International Industry Fair 2015, thanks for your visit.
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Wecon PLC&HMI Application  - Auto Quantitative Packaging Machine Application 
This article introduces the application of Auto quantitative packaging machine, which is based on Wecon Levi series HMI and LX3V series PLC. It discusses the running processes of this kind of packaging machine, and more stable hardware & software configuration of control system.  
With development of automation machinery technology, Auto quantitative packaging machine is more and more widely applied in food, fertilizer, feed and light industry. Weighing packaging technology has gone through a manual weighing, relay control, weighing instrument control, PLC control. Compared with the traditional weighing instrument control, the combination of PLC & HMI touch screen which improve the flexibility and stability of the system.
Weight Meter is another good solution for Auto quantitative packaging machine, and it is well known to us. But most of the manufacturers for medium and same scale industry are facing the following problem:
 Low performance of anti-interference;
 Poor appearance;
 Bad expansibility;
As the reason referred above, most manufacturers decide to replace weight meter with Wecon PLC & HMI products, the main applied devices are shown as below;
Figure-1.1 System Composition
The enhanced Wecon weighing module comes with high weighting precision, up to 18 bits for single channel, and 20 bits for dual channels, when sampling frequency is between 100 to 200Hz. The maximum sampling frequency can be 2,4000Hz.  

Figure-1.2 Auto quantitative packaging machine
Auto quantitative packaging machine consists of three parts, including Supplier, Weighing and Unloader. The material in storage hopper will be transferred to weighing hopper, the unloader will open after weighting completed.  

Figure-1.3 Control processes

HMI Design
Three-section feeding:
This mode dramatically shortens the time to feed material and improve stability. HMI provide the powerful data storage function for different weighting condition, preset parameters for more than 100 groups data of parameters could be preseted by the users, and users could easily access the parameters when it needs.
Manual Mode:
This function was developed for testing separated section of whole machine, before enabling auto mode.

Auto Mode:
Selectable working mode, single feeding and dual feeding, 
Single feeding: feed by only one feeder (decided by the time which feeder arrived first), dual feeding: feed by two feeder.
Weighting Calibration: 
Remove all of loads, then put the object with known weight to the hopper, and enter the known weight value below. 
Min. change value: could set the minimum changes value of weighting, if changes are out of range, this value will appear on the screen. 

PLC Design
We always prefer a more accurate value from weighing processes. Certainly, errors come due to the different condition of weighing, that is why the stable and high-functional required for the PLC programming. 
Sample frequency setting: 
Filter strength setting
All data clearing
Weighting module reset
Weighting calibration
Reading weighting states:
 M0: N0-load
 M2: Overload
 M4: Normal
Three-section weighing: 
Weighting error display:
Make sure to get the accurate value.  
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Wecon HMI application In bending machine!
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Wecon HMI screen design for flat glass process.
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Exciting Announcement for New Online Store!
Wecon Technology is pleased to announce the launch of new online store on for our full line of PLC controller and HMI products. The Wecontech On-Line store is now open and ready for you to visit!
Now more than ever, value is important. Wecon Technology offers more quality products at low prices. Many of our products are designed to help save you money and at the same time apply in automation industry. We make every effort to provide our customers with the best services.
Remember to check back often. We will be adding new products regularly.
Please visit our online store at:
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WECON HMI and PLC application in Tissue Machine

Tissue Machine is used for cutting the paper materials according to the fixed length and fold it.can be a production line with packing machine ,make a small bags of paper and other producs.
The following picture is the control cabinet of Tissue Machine,that use the WECON Lxis-20mr/mt plc and 7-inch HMI.
(1)There are two proximity switch to provide signal and to calculate the length of tissue in each shown in figure 3, one is for calculation of the length of tissue length,the other is for count.
(2)Use an encoder signal to complete synchronization with previous machine, need to figure out the speed of the servo in a short time.
(3)To update the average length of tissue each lap.
(4)The reduction ratio of the servo and cutter axis is 1/6,reduction ratio is external manually modify,like Blue gear in the picture below.
1、The following picture is operation screen.
2、PLC use the command of the SPA in the Tissue Machine.The following picture shows computing of follow speed.
Error of actual length and measured length is between 1-2mm, pass the test,it meet manufacturers requirements and have higher accuracy than the original system.HMI replace text HMI,more flexible and operable.
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WECON HMI Application - Crane collision avoidance system.
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