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James Hart
Estate Planning Lawyer in Cary, North Carolina
Estate Planning Lawyer in Cary, North Carolina

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Elder Law Attorneys are a vital resource to our aging population. They provide a number of helpful services from general estate planning to medicaid planning, to veterans pension planning.

If you or someone you know has an elderly parent, please pass this along.

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Next week I'll be hosting my first seminar on how to pay for nursing home care, without going broke. Did you know that nursing home care in the Triangle costs, on average, between $6-7k per MONTH?

And if you have invested and saved over your lifetime, you run the risk of eating up that nest egg in a flash without some proper planning.

Find out the secrets that will keep your loved ones from going broke when they move into a nursing home.

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You buy Home insurance, you buy life insurance, you buy auto insurance... why?

To plan for a catastrophic event. So why not plan for what would happen if you need long term care? 50% of seniors over 65 will need long term care at some point, but yet many people never plan for how to manage this incredible expense.

This article goes deep into how to pay for nursing home care in North Carolina without breaking the bank.

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Today I wanted to write about a tax strategy that can save your heirs literally hundreds of thousands of dollars... and it is so simple.

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We believe strongly in several core values at The Hart Law Firm. Today I've decided to make them public and share them with the world. When you believe strongly in something, no sense in hiding it!

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Thinking about putting your home into a trust? Here are a few things you need to think about first, including the effect on taxes, your mortgage, insurance, and much more.

Read this article if you are even remotely considering funding your trust with your personal residence.

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If you don't keep track of your estate plan and review and update your beneficiary designations every year, you could accidentally leave loved ones with no inheritance. Not sure what I mean by this?

Read this article to learn more.

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As an estate planning attorney, I was curious about what may have gone wrong with Aaron Hernandez's estate in the wake of his suicide last week. (Something always goes wrong when a celebrity dies) But in this case, it seems like there are just a lot of outstanding legal issues that are pending.

In today's post, I give a quick synopsis of all the issues I read about. And suffice it to say, the lawyers for his estate and family are going to be busy for a long time...

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This week is National Healthcare Decisions Day - a week long event to raise awareness about end of life decision-making. In this article, I discuss several of the important documents you need in place, but which most Americans neglect.

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Today on the blog I share the personal story of how I almost died when I fell asleep at the wheel on I-70 when I was 18 years old. I was fortunate to survive. Over the weekend, Chyna Thomas, the 22 year old sister of Boston Celtics Start Isaiah Thomas, wasn't so lucky.

This story brought back a whole lot of memories and emotions for me from that day 23 years ago. My heart goes out to the Thomas family.
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