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Charles Karia

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An old slavery ad.
Enlarged view of image from Early Years, the first segment of the trail narrative.
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Charles Karia

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And the prophet said....when he comes he will help his people overcome the demon of blood. See this video about end of AIDS in our generation
STORY: U.S. President Barack Obama toured the Archbishop Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation Center with the archbishop on Sunday (June 30) where he said an AIDS free generation was possible in South Africa and the world over. "We have a possibility of achieving an AIDS free generation and making sure that everybody in our human family is able to enjoy their lives and raise families, succeed and maintain their health here in Africa and around the world,"...
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Charles Karia

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Set your fingers free. Dictate your next project. follow link for tips.
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Charles Karia

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A Weed in Paradise.....a photo from the days of the prophecy.
Hello! Welcome to the Women in Slavery page. This page is created by students from Randolph-Macon College. Everyone should please feel free to come in and add and edit at will. This page is designed to help students understand what women had to endure during the times of slavery no matter the ...
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Charles Karia

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FOOD for thought: Below are the opening quotes in President Obama 's dream book Dreams from my father.

Dreams from My Father

 “For we are strangers before them, 
 and sojourners, as were all our fathers. 
 1 CHRONICLES 29:15 

 ALMOST A DECADE HAS passed since this book was first published. As I mention in the original 
introduction, the opportunity to write the book came while I was in law school, the result of my election as 
the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review. In the wake of some modest publicity, I 
received an advance from a publisher and went to work with the belief that the story of my family, and my 
efforts to understand that story, might speak in some way to the fissures of race that have characterized the 
American experience, as well as the fluid state of identity-the leaps through time, the collision of cultures that mark our modern life. 
 Like most first-time authors, I was filled with hope and despair upon the book’s publication-hope ........................

And the prophet said...they shall all return to Africa...........
The book link is below.
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Charles Karia

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Hi all, thanks for the invite to this community.My novel 'A Weed in Paradise' was primed for the just concluded US elections. It was a very interesting time for me. Have a look  
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Consultants wisdom: For anything a client says 'it cant be done' there are scores of people already doing it.



Kenya is on an infrastructure development frenzy. Roads, ports, airports, dams, railways, universities and colleges have been allocated colossal financial resources under the vision 2030 project. Companies which are well positioned and informed should be able to participate in this attractive opportunity.

Local and foreign firms are reaping handsomely especially in the oil related infrastructure particularly airfields, pipelines and roads to the newly discovered oilfields in the north of the country. Tendering however requires background information without which it is difficult to win the tenders most of which are open to international companies.

To offset client online scam fears,  consultancy is graduated in phases which are independent of each other so that the client can cancel the contract at any phase. The data provided provide is practical business information that can be used in decision making or establishing a business intelligence unit.

The consultancy journey starts with  the interested firm requesting for a no - costs proposal. The document will take only two weeks to prepare after which the work gets done.

All work and no play made Jack a dull boy...
Consulting and other tasks took the back seat so I could finish the novel 'A Weed in Paradise'
It is now on sale at Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, Sony,
 Barnes & Noble and other stores.

A Weed in Paradise...The novel on US presidency from African prophecies of long long ago.

Charles is a Kenyan Consultant, researcher and writer. The book 'A Weed in Paradise' was born out of  slavery trade era prophecies in relation to US presidency. 

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Finally learnt that there is a world of a difference between a best-writing author and a best-selling author.
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