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Wondering what all these strangers who've added me to some circle are expecting to hear me talk about. Options:
1) ranty feminism
2) videogames and interactive narrative
3) Orthodox Judaism
4) novels
5) something School of Life-y, maybe?
6) ...
7) oh, maybe Doctor Who!

That is probably all you'll get. Hope that's OK.
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You touched on basically all of those at Gamecamp. I feel my expectations are well managed :)
Excellent! If I suddenly develop a new interest/source of rantiness you will all hear about it...
Doctor who. Benny is very excited about his mention :)
6! It's definitely the most intriguing.
I'm in it for the 6 as well

and also it will always haunt me that you introduced yourself to me at the PXC party and I didn't know who you were

man, I am so sorry about that
You see, Ben, I had forgotten all about that. And now you bring it up and I feel the pain and sting of rejection all over again. :-p

[Try to remember that other people don't endlessly chew over any mildly embarrassing thing that you do. This knowledge will stand you in good stead in life :-). ]
Liking the list. Anything you would do on Twitter is good here too.

For instance, keep the comments on development in the media coming, your tweets have been among the best I've seen!
Argh. It depends. I wasn't sure and just put you in my "likes Marmite" circle. So far my "something School of Life-y, maybe?" circle is small, but I'll add you to that just in case you write on that topic.
But you are not a total stranger, Kevin! You can just put me in "friends". Or not. If you know something I don't.
Exactly. Friends is for people I've just met. Sorry if they're reading this.