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Billy Williams
Passionate Pilgrim Shawnee Seeking Shalom. Also Grassroots Movement Director for Nuru International. Be hope. Be light. Be Nuru.
Passionate Pilgrim Shawnee Seeking Shalom. Also Grassroots Movement Director for Nuru International. Be hope. Be light. Be Nuru.

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Remembering Mom And Celebrating A Legacy
It's been exactly ten years since family and friends were called to say our final goodbyes to my mom as she fought tenaciously for ten months in a battle she finally lost to stage four breast cancer. As I think back to those last few days with her on this e...

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Celebrating Six Amazing Years of #TeamWilliams
It is a rainy Saturday morning as I sit down to write. Jamie is sleeping in after a long night where sleep was not her friend as
she did what she always does so incredibly well. She gave of herself to serve
others—this time it was for our precious daughter ...

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Earth Day 2017
I would say that it all started forty-seven years ago with the first Earth Day celebration, but that kind of short-sighted view of history might miss the bigger picture. It was 47 years ago that people around the world "officially" started setting aside a d...

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Reflection: International Women's Day 2017
Today is International Women's Day, and all over the world people are advocating for and celebrating various endeavors aimed at improving the lives of women and girls, and because of that, I was tempted to not write and add to the mix, but then my conscienc...

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Reflection: Making Space
Every year, Jamie and I spend time together setting goals and reflecting on how we fared on our previous year's goals. In past years, I feel like I have personally been able to get those goals to paper with a moderate degree of speed, but this year, it seem...

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Reflection: Martin Luther King Junior Day 2017
For the last several years, I have tried to take a few moments on Martin Luther King Day to pause and consider the life of Dr. King and his example of service. Each year I also try to share a recorded excerpt of one of his speeches. The one below, is not on...

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Reflection: Remembering Franklin Delanor Lambert, Junior
As I sit down to write this post, I'm a little in shock. My mind is swirling with memories--laughter tears, and long, meaningful conversations that won't happen again on this side of eternity. Last night, I learned that one of my oldest friends, and one I h...

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Review: The Road by Cormac McCarthy
I don’t often pick up fiction books, although when I do I
usually enjoy them. They are much more fast-paced and typically easier to
digest than a textbook, and they give creative perspective. I stumbled upon The Road by Cormac McCarthy while reading a blog ...

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Reflection: You've Made Some Goals, Now What?
Sometimes the hardest part of goals is coming up with them.--actually taking five minutes and writing down what you want to accomplish. But then, once you've made a list of goals, or maybe just set one goal, the appeal of waiting til tomorrow slips in. All ...

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Happy New Year 2017!
Welcome to 2017! You made it! It is a new year! I'm not one for wishing away the past or anything like that--I think every day and every year has some pretty amazing stuff, and some really difficult times--that's just a part of life in this world. Now's not...
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