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Hello +T-Mobile . I'm back. 
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Hey there +Cristian Estrada---We've never talked on G+ before, but welcome back!
T-Force is here to answer any questions, besides top secret stuff, and here to help out. Thanks!
Haha, thanks. I used to have T-Mobile (almost every sidekick except for the 4G) but then left to join my family on an AT&T family plan.....I never knew what a "dropped call" was until I switched to the "other" company. But I'm glad to announce that today I'm officially back! My 4g on my Galaxy S Blaze is about 5 times faster (Fact! I have the speed test to prove it) than my Galaxy S2 on the "other" company and we're saving $100 a month on the family plan. Winning!
+Cristian Estrada Well we are happy to have you and your family back! :)
And thank you for letting us know the speeds and service is great! We always do love hearing that, especially when we save a family money! :)
Definite Winning!!
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