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Kenny G “YourMobileWebDeveloper” Lassiter
SEO is Real Work, NOT Guess Work
SEO is Real Work, NOT Guess Work

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I will install and configure a four page Wordpress site with SEO, Contact form and add your content.

✔ WordPress Theme Customization

✔ WordPress Plugin Installation & Configuration

✔ Edit & Customize WordPress Sites

✔ Optimize Each Page for Better Search Engine Results

✔ Install and Test Contact Form

✔ Boost Up your Website Performance

✔ Improve your Website Security

Add content , menu/page or widgets, Change color, Background. Logo/ Favicon or any CSS changes

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Learn the Secrets of better lead nurturing and how to build lasting customer relationships that affect the bottom line.

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5 Ways Small Business Owners can convert more leads into long term paying customers!
1. Implement a strategy of engagement marketing; meaningful interactions with prospect through the entire customer life cycle.
2. Automate your marketing this will facilitate the development of strong, lasting and intimate customer relationships.
3. Understanding how their Sales and Marketing strategies align is critical. When a small business owner's sales and marketing are in sync, magical things begin to happen. ROI improves in both two area, marketing and sales which are directly related to the growth of the business.
4. A small business owner must know how to nurture customers and secure solid relationships. This one of the most important skills a small business owner can acquire. Every potential customers acquisition depends on this skill long before they are ready to commit to a purchase.
5. One of the most important features of a solid marketing and sales plan is its Flexibility. In this fast changing digital marketing age, small businesses must have marketing and sales tools, services and resources that are scalable.

Kenny G Lassiter
Your Mobile Web Developer

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Love this this screenshot tool. Allows me to take a picture of the entire screen even the parts a cannot see.  This a must have for any webby, SEO or online marketing Pro.

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Restaurant POS for Mac Training Series - This video provides a brief tour of the Prosperity POS for Mac system for Restaurants and Coffee Shops.  This is the best POS system for apple OS. Watch our training videos right now.

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